December 10th, 2008

I no longer enjoy the confort of working from home :(

Shifted to office on Dec 8th.


September 2nd, 2008

Back at campus for a few days..
For completing my long pending BTech :D.

Feels so much like home coming! Hoping so spend a productive and fun filled time here.
Something at IIIT pushes me to blog, :) . And sadly my blogging has gone pathetic since I have been out. Anyways.. lots have happened.. and will be posting all slowly. Hoping to post few sweet short posts at regular intervals now.

PS : This also makes my not-so-late entry for IIIT Bloggers Day. Hence announcing - A new version of blogroll under development. Featuring - Login, Add/Edit blog, create blogroll, add blogs to blogroll. Suggestions invited.!

April 1st

April 1st, 2008

On this April 1st -

Goog’s wasnt that much fun this time. more. This is rather cool.

Dodo almost got me there. Signed in anyway.

This sweetheart did something interesting.

Chandu @ status : yipeee..i am coming…. - Liar Liar!

Sam @ status : jaya promoted. - Now thats not funny.

B’days @ orkut : Ankit , Ketan - Happy b’day guys.

Didn’t try anything this year. Have put reminders for next year. Want to pull something big.
Getting Visesh (and Vardhman) to PizzaHut for a date will count as one of the best we did.

Happy b’day!

PS : Pssst.. some guys have all the luck. Details from unni. :)

holi, hyd, sweep and love

March 31st, 2008

Was in Hyderabad for Holi. [thanks to the contributers :) ]
Celebrated a grand holi at Kendriya Vihar [ Thanks to Sachin for his place ]
Fell short of thandai stock, so no flying high like last time.
Played loads of sweep. Sweep rocks :). Didnt play CS :(.
Shiben’s PSP rocks.
Couldnt meet many people.
Brandy does the job.


Love you guys. n miss u.

PS : page2feed n blogroll getting better.
PS : wp2.5! Finally I upgraded. wp upgrade reminds me to blog.