Note the capital b. Happened unplanned (Friday, May 18th). It keeps getting better everytime. Was more conscious. Was able to cook 5am dinner.
Every time I say not again.. but it does happen again. But its awesome, godly. Love it. Not ‘often’.
Slept only for a few hours, so the full day was blissful. And a visit to ice-n-spice and finjaan made it rock even more.

Had a screwed up health for a week last week. Fever, cold and then cough. It sucked. Had forgotten how we fell ill. Was having good health from long long time. It was interesting to learn that when you get sick there is nothing you can do about it. I can understand how people feel when they are ill.

Finally got some time to learn bridge. Only cards game i heard of and didn’t know to play. No one around me knew, so finally got lessons from net. Gameplay is of a normal trump game, except for the dummy player whose cards are visible to all and is played by partner. The important and tricky part is bidding. Lots of bidding rules make it little difficult to learn. But it does rock. Liked the game. this site has nice tutes, and can play online with bots and multiplayer.

g33k hosting
geek hosting is rocking. Thanks to Manjeet for letting me use his credit card and all users so far.

Jagjit Live in concert @ Hyderabad
Yea.. again, on June 2nd @ Shilpakala Vedika. Tickets available at Wangs Kitchen, HiTech and Music World. I thought this was last time. Didn’t have any wish of listening live again, but couldn’t resist as soon i heard about it. Hope this time he sings ‘mein nashe mein hoon’. Will surely request (read shout) for this ghazal this time.

3 Responses to “B7”

  1. utkarsh Says:

    i have a brilliant idea .. :)
    jagjit singh live here too the next day (3rd june)
    so, come here .. with maddy , rocky etc etc .. and we will go to the concert.
    Also, Time for Rocky to give his marriage party :)

  2. skp Says:

    B7, damn you man. I havent had any beer or sutts for like a week now !!

    @Utky : Sale, its more of us here in Hyd, why dont u move ur lazy ass and come over, havent met for long time now …

    B7, damn damn You man, such a spoilt brat.

  3. nipun Says:

    B7 ?? unless I miss my guess we’re thinking about the same thing right ?

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