i have nothing to blog

- people don’t like my tech crap
- i can’t write stories
- i ain’t going anywhere
- i ain’t reading anything
- i am not objecting to things
- i can’t create great fattas
- i am not at some new place
- i ain’t gaming
- friend’s aren’t visiting
- i don’t talk to anyone
- no day is special
- all lotds are going in google reader shared itmes
- gse is still in use.

coz its a fucking plain cold life.

10 Responses to “i have nothing to blog”

  1. Sreejith Says:

    you do make a great aggregator… and i am not talking about the blogroll :)

  2. sanyam Says:

    utlimately you blogged :P

  3. sanyam Says:

    btw, i hv got smething for you

    1. have to set up a wordpress blog (need space for that)
    2. g33k.co.in would do
    3. import posts from spaces blog.

    give me an ETA when you will be done with all this :)

  4. Utkarsh Says:

    ha ha ha ha ..
    but this post was better than most of the stuff I have been reading lately on other blogs :)

  5. pkj Says:

    where’s my inlink :((

  6. Kunal Says:

    lol … great post …
    and Utkarsh is right, this is better then most crap I read and write :D

  7. skp Says:

    Sweet Mother of God !!

    Lets kill blogging and go hunting ….

    fuck fuck fuck …..

    fuck blogging, will blog the most crappy post ever TODAY !!

  8. nipun Says:

    hmm …i second, its definitely a blog post :)
    btw looks like GGN is getting to u …

  9. smr Says:

    you guys give me hope for blogging..

    @sreejith: oh yeh, being a reader i can do that atleast.
    @utkarsh,kunal: thanks. thats falttering
    @pkj: where’s ur blog ?
    @skp: t - 3 hours for today.

  10. pkj Says:

    pkj.co.in is the blog … i’ll revive it soon .. hopefully on g33k

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