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April 1st

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

On this April 1st -

Goog’s wasnt that much fun this time. more. This is rather cool.

Dodo almost got me there. Signed in anyway.

This sweetheart did something interesting.

Chandu @ status : yipeee..i am coming…. - Liar Liar!

Sam @ status : jaya promoted. - Now thats not funny.

B’days @ orkut : Ankit , Ketan - Happy b’day guys.

Didn’t try anything this year. Have put reminders for next year. Want to pull something big.
Getting Visesh (and Vardhman) to PizzaHut for a date will count as one of the best we did.

Happy b’day!

PS : Pssst.. some guys have all the luck. Details from unni. :)


Monday, March 10th, 2008

Feberuary and March 1st week Log -
* Manjeet’s marriage + Bikaner trip. Awesome time.
- 4 hrs would be a conservative figure.
- Best movie discussion in long time. Recalled all movies.
* Cousin’s marriage at chd (Feb 28th).
- Good time with relatives and friends and upsy.
- Enjoyed the pahadi dance (nati).
* LMV; kindof. Bad experience. Its mental thing baby.
* 50 hrs best spent (this weekend)
* Parties continue. A best one with Nipun. minor B8. One in the bliss series, after a long time.

Stupid Tag Post (thanks to skp)
* Things I miss
- CyberGaming. CS, Quake and AOC. And card games.
- Friends. From home,school,drop,college. The fun we use to do. And all the pointless BC.
- Nightouts
- Emotions
* Things I want to achieve in a decade
- Key ideas for the most complex plot ever. A script for a movie.
- ATM h4ck1ng
- Fired
- Rich
- A Million user base. Through whatever.
- Significant wine deposits
- Saying : “Yea, tried that once. It was cool.”
- Not caring what I wanted decade from then.

Blogging makes you feel better. Hell! It does. But am such a mess; out of ideas and thoughts and feelings. I am fking dead. Things seems so trivial to blog about. Why ?

Thanks Orkut

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

Today i got a chain mail, and it was really cool one. Instantly wanted to share it with others, and did send it to 2k1@students. I generally don’t forward chain mails, but this one completely pwned me.

A snippet

Count every “F” in the following text:

Its not 3. Try again. Yet again.

While forwarding, I got the thoughts.. long time no chain mails. Actually had same thoughts few months back, but wasn’t blogging those days.

I think orkut has a big role to play in reduction of chain mails. People are hooked to orkut and doing chain mail business mostly there now. Many chain mails go into my message box on orkut, which I never check. Chain-mails are sometimes good, as in helps to keep people in touch without purpose. So orkut actually help both ways.. keep people in touch and saves mailbox for more productive purposes. Thanks Orkut.

Also realized that chain-mails are sent when someone gets pwned.. and some people might get pwned easily.. or i am being optimistic about the spammers.

and its been a nice weather from a couple of days

PS : Any social networking actually, but orkut being most popular in my friends circle.
PS : The answer is 6 Fs.