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my worst nightmare

Sunday, September 16th, 2007

is pc reboot.

those who aren’t familiar, try to imagine the pain of restoring 50 firefox tabs and 10 xterm* instances, and psychological reboot fear.

this is happening 10 times a day.
coz of frequent power cutoffs, much longer than my ups can take.
god! i hate gurgaon for poor electricity, and my society for limited backup.

* mrxvt actually

PS :
Showed Darbari some love. A little (pending) to Chandu too. Had a good time with them.
Met Sam. Fker is having strange(,nice) feelings. Lucky bastard! Best Wishes.
Miss CS. Plan for playing soon (Reliance Web World prolly); dingad+tanny vs chuza+cyborg.

Feb 08, 2006

Thursday, February 9th, 2006

That makes me 24. OMG! i am an uncle now. and lots of gray hairs to support that.
And this also means that i’ve lived almost one third of my life. and almost half of rest will be gone in sleeping. so what is left is seems so less. i’m afraid.

Thanks everyone for your wishes, and bumps.

Sensex happens to close at 10k+ this day.

Thanks to Halley and skp for their wishes and nice way of expressing it.