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Here I blog again

Sunday, March 25th, 2007

Boy.. all these days.. I wanted to blog.. blog a lot.. but somehow didnt. I loved blogging.. I missed blogging.. but I didnt. Probably was too busy. or too tired. Manytimes thought that I will make a comeback. Start blogging like good old days. But I didnt.

After I used wordpress for another blog.. I was impressed by the beauty of it. Instantly thought.. dude! I am going to shift to it and start blogging again. But then wanted to import all previous posts first from blosxom. That needed few scripts to put all posts and comments into wp db. But never saved time to do that, and I didnt blog yet again.

Thats it. I said today morning.. And whithout waiting for anything I setup the wp blog. Will import old posts sometime later and till then my old blog will continue to exist and later redirect to imported posts.

My good old blosxom, So long and thanks for all the posts.

Hope.. wordpress will give some support to a dying blogger.

here I blog again

Update : wp users, do suggest some useful plugins, tweaks etc

fall of a blogger

Sunday, April 2nd, 2006

[ My blogging frequency (in blogs per month) from May 04 to March 05 ]

The average of last 5 months is only 5 posts per month. Thats poor.

I want to blog more. Its my diary. my only diary. I started it to record my life and my thoughts. I don’t want to stop recording it. Then why am i sucking at blogging.

Have i ran out of thoughts / ideas ?
I fear so. I didnt use to be with blank mind like this ever before. I am no more able to make opinions. I have become a silent observer. No matter how things are moving around, they matter so less to me. Nothing hurts anymore, and nothings overwhelms me anymore. I wanted to be like this. But i fear it.

A growing readers list of this blog made me conscious. I can now no longer write any crap like i use to in old days when i started blogging. i use to blog about the age game i played, the work i did, the phone conversation i had and every damn thing. i had no readers. for more than half a year only a few close friends occasional read my blog. as my readers started increasing i started getting more conscious. and slowly my diary transformed into magazine. i started writing articles. i cared about expectations of my readers while writing. i forgot that this was a diary and missed to record last few months of my life.

But no more.
This is My blog-cum-diary. I don’t care who reads it, and what they like. Not any more. I am not going to address anyone in my posts anymore. they are for me. I can/will still write articles i think are of any importance or carries an idea.

moved to

Friday, March 24th, 2006

got my own hosting space. from, its good. moved my blog to

this also means that i have to start from scratch (all over again) for building my page rank. you can help me on it by changing my blog url to on your blogroll or possibly add one if you dont have. my new posts will appear only on so change the rss link to this one.

a guy is going to pay me decent money for teaching him c++ online. thats good hmm! he stumbled upon my blog and asked for a c++ guru.

24 rocks.

long time no post! no surfing either.

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