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Friday, April 20th, 2007

Fast Forward of last week
* Shiben’s bday, nightout, and bfast at Lingampally. blog.skp coverage.
* Rocky postponed his marriage. Cool.
* Many nightouts this week.
* Spent some time on improving look of KW.
* Its raining man. I’m fking gay.
* Haircut. Hairs were long again after long time.
* Finally imported posts from blosxom. Many thanks to Eric and Jason for making it so easy.

While was looking to blog from a couple of days, but there wasn’t enough to blog about. Post title comes from Chandu’s scrap on Orkut yesterday. Thats about my behavior on IMs. Well.. thats true.. I rarely keep in touch with people on IM or Orkut. Rarely ping anyone. And sometimes don’t even reply. yeah.. i suck at maintaining relations. But I am improving. Doing better than what i was earlier. hosting
Thought it would be cool and there will be enough people like me around who would die for it. Unfortunately, there aren’t many registrations yet. Will probably need to target a audience bigger than iiit. Those who are willing to get it, but haven’t registered yet, please do so now. Will help me in planning the things better. Also please let your friends know about it. If anyone you know is looking for hosting space, please redirect them to me. For any doubts/queries mail to me or post in registration page.

PS : Gere is d00d. Shilpa rocks. Indians sucks.
PS : TimesJobs is head-on with its competitors with their new ad. Its cool. ‘Everyone’s quitting naukri