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Thursday, October 4th, 2007

yea.. the ones up there.

I have always been a tabs freak. Opening multiple windows of IE in old days always freaked me out.
The quest for tabbed browser on windows took me to Crazy Browser, which was a kindof wrapper around IE. It was nice, but I soon got a lot interested in Opera for its smoothness and integrated mail support. The tabs were ofcourse there. Opera taught me mouse gestures, which I can’t browse without now. Later after much resistance, I ditched opera and shifted to firefox.

FF had nice tabs support but that wasnt’t enough for me now. I had multiple ff windows open with 10s of tabs in each window. So for better tabs management I ended up using tabbrowser extension. It had nice hierarchy view of tabs, which would go to side of browser. I was hooked to it. But it was never ported to firefox 2. I too tried but it was so much work. I then found TabGroups which is serving the purpose well enough.

Tabs! who needs them ?
Well I do. On a random day I counted 62. Average would be above 40.

How come ?
Browse a lot. And then work related stuff. And accumulate it. Get a nice link, don’t get time to read it, and it stays there. At this moment, longest pending is What every programmer should know about memory, 10 days and counting. When it gets too much, i sit and scan them all, do some quick reading, and close them all; almost all.

Memory ?
Yea, ff is screwed up big time about memory usage. It used to eatup upto 70% of my 1Gig. I never tolerated any app to consume memory more than required. But ff was exception. I always said ‘Get lost. Its for firefox. pkill’. Current version is though more friendly with memory. Stays near 20% of 1.5G. But yeah, its never running for too long.

I would also like to mention other apps for providing tabs and making my life easier : Vim, Pidgin, Mrxvt and Icewm(workspaces).
Never used, but like Yahoo Mail for keeping tabs.

A poor soul sitting all day in front of monitor can’t think nothing better to blog about than tabs.
Tabs were worth a mention on my blog.

WebOS? Its Web Desktop. Dammit!

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

got this in some feed. reminded me of what i had written on another bc blog sometime back. reposting here.

There has been a lot of buzz for some time now on WebOS. Its defined as virtual operating system that runs in your web browser..

If you are not totally computer illiterate, you must know the very basic definition of OS ( Operating System ) is a computer program that manages the hardware and software resources of a computer.

WebOS is not supposed to be anything of that sort. To be more precise.. it tries to mimic what a desktop does : manages files and folders, helps in running other apps easily.

If i have made my point clear, lets correct our terminology before we more forward.. lets call it ‘Web Desktop’.

Here is a nice review of 10 popular web desktops. If you have not yet tried your hands on any of the web desktops.. you must. A few of them are really cool and can become the future.

WebOS needs a browser to run into. And there is yet no clean way to run a browser without a Desktop Manager. There is not much point in going for web desktop, while you have a PC Desktop. A simple solution like syncing your files on some public server can serve the job of Desktop available from anywhere. And while you have a PC to run full ( and trendy ) Desktop, why should one go to still primitive interface of web desktop. The point i want to make is that there is not a environment for a web desktop yet.

But.. still webdesktop is the future. But different than the current form. There is need of thin OS first.. which allows one to run a web desktop directly on a very low end machine. This will allow reducing the cost and size of the desktop ( or laptop ). And a good internet (wifi) ofcourse.

Web Desktop will not be able to enter mainstream if the problem is not approached from three directions simultaneously : Web Desktop, thin OS, and light hardware. This will probably happen only if a single organization pack all of it into a single package.

Google Browser Sync

Sunday, June 11th, 2006

Google Browser Sync for Firefox is an extension that continuously synchronizes your browser settings – including bookmarks, history, persistent cookies, and saved passwords – across your computers.”
just what i wanted. i didnt think this all will be possible with extension. It has a nice session saver as well. Firefox rocks. Google rocks.

Had some problem in using it at first. Was giving errors like “400 bad request”, and “sync failed” etc.. Figured out that it was probably coz of huge bookmarks i had. Removed the bookmarks (obviously backed up), and it worked fine.

work. yeah.. 1st draft of the paper is ready. feels good.