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Re : Forced to blog

Tuesday, July 12th, 2005

Nir blames me for forcing him into the blogosphere…

My comment :
Well… I will take all this as a compliment, though you exaggerated it a bit.
I always wish, I could get a video of all my life. Impossible. So this is just another attempt of recording my life and thoughts.
Its just a diary. And you too write a diary. Making it public and calling it blog doesnt make a big differance.
wish you happy blogging. smile

Re : seriously

Friday, April 1st, 2005

comment to Intellectual Depravity / Seriously

About two years back mom was instructing me about these things. I said c’mon, i have passed the school life, thats when people start these things. I said you should not worry now.
Then she told me that papa started smoking after marriage. I did not know that. He is regular now. I could not imagine that he started it so late.

I dont agree that you should not have it coz its harmful. (I’m not talking about chain smoking.) If it really experiances you orgarm(it really does) even for a moment, then you can call it worth it. But then you sure dont want to smoke just for the sake of smoking. I did. And you have to realize when you are doing so. I did that too, not too late but.

some tips (for any smoker/starter) (entirely my views) -
- Dont smoke when you are alone.
- Dont smoke when you are feeling low. It becomes a companion then. Neither for celebration. Its comes very frequently.
- Dont smoke with a chain somker more than once in a while.
- Dont smoke more than few kash.
- Smoke just for the sake of that momentarily orgasm. […The lightweight i feel after a single kash.]
- Never say I wont smoke ever again.
- Hate smoking.

Dont let the cigarette hold you. Hold the cigarette.

Re : With a blank mind…

Saturday, March 19th, 2005

comment to Yet Another Blogger (Rama) / With a blank mind…

i’ve worked with both Pranav and Arpit. They are really good, and deserving. I too wanted them to be together. Hope that whoever wins, they both will keep working and try their best for the betterment of the campus.
For you people the biggest problem is votes of ug1, i guess and they do matter for their large numbers. I know others are keeping ug1 in their team only for the sake of votes. This isn’t good. But we can’t help it. Its just another exploit.
best of luck.

blogger’s bug
i clicked comment on two blogs, this and sandeep’s. i posted the comment to this blog and it went to sandeeps blog. sad. didnot realize till i again went to post comment to sandeeps chandna blog.

Re : Can I do it ?

Tuesday, March 15th, 2005

comment to KUNAL / Can I do it ?”
Yes you can…
maybe something like 5 point someone ( heard its something about life at iit). I guess life at iiit is interesting enough to be written down.
b/w I too want to write books on ‘the art of living/kissing/etc’. But after some 5/10 years.