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Web Vastu

Monday, October 30th, 2006

Wohoo.. website should be designed according to proper vastu to avoid negative consequences. Some fker who doesnt fully understand website designing has written a book on it titled WebVastu. Slashdot picked it up and it was fun going through. It set me thinking how novel a concept he has come up with.. and how sick a concept it is. This also opens some doors for other novel ideas like vastu of the motherboard, ojhas for removing virus from system, coin moving for recovering lost data, etc smile. sick.

btw.. did some vastu change of IIIT::blogroll. Looks better now. Wanting to change the vastu of blog as well.. but not getting time.

Campus internet still sucks big time.. thank god i’m not there.. otherwise i would have murdered someone by now. dropped a comment at Turbo’s take on it.

Google Reader’s new look rocks. Coz of it i’m back in reading mode after a long break.
Firefox2.0 rocks too. Though some of my favorite extensions ( including Tabbrowser Extensions) aren’t yet ported to FF2, extensions like download statusbar, gmail this, mouse gestures, scrapbook, make FF just awesome. some tweaking also helped a bit.

Tarun and Vidit made my day(s actually) by gifting iWoz. It was probably the only book i can (and want to) read these days. I am sick of how to start a startup stuff. everyone talks about the business/marketing/money/bla/bla stuff and everyone sounds same to me. Woz is speaking my language. just started reading.

first $100 from adsense

Friday, February 10th, 2006

yeah! i just completed $100 earnings in google adsense program. It took almost 5 months. But I hope to get the next $100 in less than 3 months.

Students, Wake Up!! - RL

Wednesday, January 4th, 2006

Ramesh Loganathan, guest faculty at IIIT points out the opportunity that exists in the Products space today. In his post “Opportunity in Software Products- Students, wake up!!” he writes -

“Especially given that the industry is booming and there are lot of jobs for the deserving, there is very low risk in taking off the first couple of years after college and indulging in a new venture. Especially, if there is a product idea.”

We are personally in touch with him, and he is helping us a lot in the process. He doesnt understand the hesitation students have about entrepreneurship. He sees it like any other job, where one happens to own the IP as well. He also points out that if at all one fails, its worth an experiance. Anyone (he himself for sure) would prefer to hire a guy with entrepreneurship experiance over a guy with job experiance. After meeting him I feel a lot energised.

If anyone out there has any product idea, RL will be happy to discuss it. Just drop him an email.

btw.. with RL’s blog… we have got first faculty blog to add into our blogroll.

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Entrepreneurship Infatuation

Tuesday, October 11th, 2005

I never actually understood the difference between Love and Infatuation. I have lived in both - Strong Infatuation and Strong Love. I know.. i can’t say that.. coz i can’t differentiate.. but thats what people call it.
All that i could understand by Infatuation and Love is that both are self created, and the difference between the two is majorly governed by Failure and Success. There is a very very thin line between the two. And to reach Love one has to pass through Infatuation. Yeah.. there is something called Attraction.. which i can easily differentiate of the rest two.

Entrepreneurship Infatuation. smile . Reminds me of my ‘love infatuation’(call it just infatuation). Entrepreneurship Infatuation is ‘the feeling of being an Entrepreneur’ and is related to Entrepreneurship exactly how Infatuation is related to Love. And that i too am going through these days. (read Wikipedia/Infatuation).

Its about thinking of ‘My First Billion Dollar Company’ (MFBDC). Being ready to become a dropout, actually looking for such chances. Screwing degree, saying “What’s in a degree? I have said”. Leaving a decent paying job. Getting mislead by Paul Graham’s stories. Setting the desktop wallpaper of Steves in Garage. Reading the VC blogs. Living by a few success stories and dreaming to reach there.

Entrepreneurship Infatuation is as dangerous as infatuation. And i expect my nears and dears to warn me against it, as they would if i was in infatuation.

But.. infatuation is the first step towards love. (Attraction being the 0th). Without infatuation love is not possible. Love will happen only after one start living with the ‘feeling of love’, called infatuation. Those who have been in love, know that the risk of failure of infatuation is worth it.

and so is the story of Entrepreneurship Infatuation. Its the first step towards Entrepreneurship. Its risky, but its worth it.

The last (and very important) thing remains the realization and recovery. Know when the Infatuation has failed and accept that.

and if the recovery goes safe the next million dollar question is whether “To fall in Infatuation all over again” or “To live a _normal_ life” ?

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