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had good time with friends

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

Asheesh, a school/hostel time friend was here for dinner last week. Havent met any school time friend from long, and not many are online. So it was good to meet him. He is in hyderabad from 6-7 months now and we met now only. my bad at big.

This weekend went to Mayanks, a drop time friend. Had dinner with him. Its good to meet old friends sometimes. Reminds the good old time we had.

Did some customization with wordpress, including increasing width a bit and adding a way to specify category to use in ‘pretty’ permanent link. And yea.. put my good old wallpaper in header image.

Flickr allowed me to change username. from aguy_likeme to smranta. that was cool. but clubbed with yahoo id as well. Taking pics at times and using flickr. Guess,, 100mb will be less.

having good time at iiit on April 1st.

long time no cs

Sunday, April 2nd, 2006

Raheja(goku), Upadhyay(au) and Bhargava(tanny) are here this weekend. local players Tarun(paranoid), Sanyam(Wicked_Sunny) , Vidit(fym) and me(dingad) joined. We got a good reason to play CS. Thanks to tanny for pushing it, otherwise we were too lazy. Thanks to ug2k3 guys for giving us systems in their labs.

It was nice playing CS after so long, almost a year. I was back into form with assault rifle.

weekend @ bangalore

Tuesday, February 28th, 2006

was there for a project demo.
it was a great weekend, especially at Arvind Upadhyay’s house.
Played cards (Uno), did some cooking, watched TV, watched Taxi #9211 @ PVR, roamed the malls and Leela, and did lots of BC.

And yeah.. the work, it went great.
Thanks to Aditya, Amal, Ankit, Anubhav, Arvind, Imran, Piyush and Vinod for making it a great time for me. Looks like Adi is frustoo but i no way had Forum in my visit list. it just you only who dont have any other place to take us to.

* Black has swept the FilmFare awards. I feel so happy about it. Congrats Black team.
* missed the Jagjit Singh concert @ Hyderabad this weekend coz of Blore visit.

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