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Monday, March 10th, 2008

Feberuary and March 1st week Log -
* Manjeet’s marriage + Bikaner trip. Awesome time.
- 4 hrs would be a conservative figure.
- Best movie discussion in long time. Recalled all movies.
* Cousin’s marriage at chd (Feb 28th).
- Good time with relatives and friends and upsy.
- Enjoyed the pahadi dance (nati).
* LMV; kindof. Bad experience. Its mental thing baby.
* 50 hrs best spent (this weekend)
* Parties continue. A best one with Nipun. minor B8. One in the bliss series, after a long time.

Stupid Tag Post (thanks to skp)
* Things I miss
- CyberGaming. CS, Quake and AOC. And card games.
- Friends. From home,school,drop,college. The fun we use to do. And all the pointless BC.
- Nightouts
- Emotions
* Things I want to achieve in a decade
- Key ideas for the most complex plot ever. A script for a movie.
- ATM h4ck1ng
- Fired
- Rich
- A Million user base. Through whatever.
- Significant wine deposits
- Saying : “Yea, tried that once. It was cool.”
- Not caring what I wanted decade from then.

Blogging makes you feel better. Hell! It does. But am such a mess; out of ideas and thoughts and feelings. I am fking dead. Things seems so trivial to blog about. Why ?

my worst nightmare

Sunday, September 16th, 2007

is pc reboot.

those who aren’t familiar, try to imagine the pain of restoring 50 firefox tabs and 10 xterm* instances, and psychological reboot fear.

this is happening 10 times a day.
coz of frequent power cutoffs, much longer than my ups can take.
god! i hate gurgaon for poor electricity, and my society for limited backup.

* mrxvt actually

PS :
Showed Darbari some love. A little (pending) to Chandu too. Had a good time with them.
Met Sam. Fker is having strange(,nice) feelings. Lucky bastard! Best Wishes.
Miss CS. Plan for playing soon (Reliance Web World prolly); dingad+tanny vs chuza+cyborg.

dtd, work, sigcig, etc

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Thanks to Chandu for introducing me to the beautiful game Desktop Tower Defense aka DTD. Played the game a lot in last week, to the level of hallucinating characters of the game (especially green and red health bar) with open eyes. But finally completed the game in medium difficulty level with 14 lives left [proof in the pic]. Nice and addictive game. Last flash game i played like this was crabball.

Did some good amount of work on CUDA. Its real fun to write programs for parallel programming architecture, especially when its restricted environment as in CUDA. Have to think a lot differently than how we think in programming a CPU. Was able to get 30x performance gain over CPU time in an algorithm.

The VODCA library developed by vision students is good. Its Video processing library on GPU (using CUDA). And the name is way too cool.

CUDA is a real breakthrough from Nvidia, and I’m sure its going to rock big time. Power of GPU is no longer limited to GPU hackers (bad for me), and anyone with lil bit of brain can use it now.

Also gave a small talk with skp on adv gpu programming intro to new CVIT students. Its good to be a gpu guru sometimes.

But what the hell has nvidia done with their 8400 (and even 8500) cards. We are compelled to compare them with 5600 cards. 16 scalar processors, for god’s sake please tell me what was in your mind while deciding this number. Ok.. its fking cheap and ‘vista essencial’, but why the hell will anyone buy it.

Skp introduced sigcig, I and have a role of order(X) in it. Do join us at orkut.

Played another game of poker last week. It was great fun again. And I must mention a godly game of that day. J, K, Q, A of spades were open at table. Don’t ask me how, Parry was the dealer. This is nothing yet. 3 of us were damn confident about our hands. And bet lot, all of money (virtual) into the game. And everyone was like at 7th heaven, sure that no one can beat him. Well kunal showed first and he had 8 of spades. I didn’t let him smile for long after i showed my 9 of spades. I was god of the game, winning a lot of money. Me and Kunal were (alomst) all-in. I was saying what a coincidence. But.. that is when Nir showed his 10 of spades. What… this is fucking impossible.. I couldnt believe it, but it was all there.. in front of me.. Nir gathering all the money.. in a movie style. He made a royal flush, which has a probability of 0.00000154. What a dealing.. 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A of spades on the table. How did u do it Paresh ? This was last game of the day. A awesome closing. Sachin was another player.

That was a bad day for me, I won only a single game. Which was very important for me. I wont it with a all-in, and won a lot of money to keep me in the game till end. Weekend is back.. hope there will be a few more interesting games again.

And yea.. google history. Exactly what i wanted. I waited so long to record my web history. Long back when google launched web accelerator, I hoped to get something like this but it didn’t happen. Many people have problems in trusting google so much.. but I cant resist to the values it provides. To me, discarding web history is loss of lots of data/information. At max a lot of pr0n links and atm hacking details will get recorded. No big problem.

long time no cs

Sunday, April 2nd, 2006

Raheja(goku), Upadhyay(au) and Bhargava(tanny) are here this weekend. local players Tarun(paranoid), Sanyam(Wicked_Sunny) , Vidit(fym) and me(dingad) joined. We got a good reason to play CS. Thanks to tanny for pushing it, otherwise we were too lazy. Thanks to ug2k3 guys for giving us systems in their labs.

It was nice playing CS after so long, almost a year. I was back into form with assault rifle.