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Monday, March 10th, 2008

Feberuary and March 1st week Log -
* Manjeet’s marriage + Bikaner trip. Awesome time.
- 4 hrs would be a conservative figure.
- Best movie discussion in long time. Recalled all movies.
* Cousin’s marriage at chd (Feb 28th).
- Good time with relatives and friends and upsy.
- Enjoyed the pahadi dance (nati).
* LMV; kindof. Bad experience. Its mental thing baby.
* 50 hrs best spent (this weekend)
* Parties continue. A best one with Nipun. minor B8. One in the bliss series, after a long time.

Stupid Tag Post (thanks to skp)
* Things I miss
- CyberGaming. CS, Quake and AOC. And card games.
- Friends. From home,school,drop,college. The fun we use to do. And all the pointless BC.
- Nightouts
- Emotions
* Things I want to achieve in a decade
- Key ideas for the most complex plot ever. A script for a movie.
- ATM h4ck1ng
- Fired
- Rich
- A Million user base. Through whatever.
- Significant wine deposits
- Saying : “Yea, tried that once. It was cool.”
- Not caring what I wanted decade from then.

Blogging makes you feel better. Hell! It does. But am such a mess; out of ideas and thoughts and feelings. I am fking dead. Things seems so trivial to blog about. Why ?

graps : capture OpenGL Frames

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006

graps is a tool for grabing frames from openGL application, without editing the application. graps can be used for making video from an opengl application. graps can also be useful for monitoring fps of opengl application.

graps writes the glReadPixel data to file on each glXSwapBuffers call. graps uses the power of LD_PRELOAD to run without modifying the application.

graps is dirty fraps alternative for screen and realtime video capturing and fps monitoring ( hence benchmarking ).

graps can be downloaded from here. See readme.txt for help.

Update1 [08.09.2007] :
- recording to video [ using mencoder ]. Thanks to Mineral for hints (see comments).
- grapsctl, separated frame capturing and writing to image/video.
- bug fixes : ppm header (thanks matt) and width*width (thanks Mineral).
- graps v0.2 release.

Thin Client Setup

Sunday, April 9th, 2006

Yes! I did it.
Full FC4 (without kde and gnome) on diskless thin client.
Using PXE, NFS and this help.

Rough Procedure -
- set the thin client to use pxe bootup.
- configure dhcp server to give ip and tftp server link
- configure tftp server to serve kernel and initrd image
- configure the initrd image to start network and mount root filesystem over nfs. optionally set home on nfs.
- install a filesystem you want to provide to the thinclient and publish it over nfs.

The available ram in the thin clients is just 90Mb (128 actually, but shared with onboard graphics). This is less and cause logs ot pagein/out. Upgrading the thinclients to 256Mb ram will make them just perfect. I will try to push it.

PS : Earlier they use to run using PXES. Its good but root over nfs using current method provides full OS thus works out better.

PS2: The image above is shown during the bootup. If you can send me another cartoon i can put it up. if i like it. anythign creative and original. shiben u there ?

cracking adsense. a failed attempt.

Friday, January 6th, 2006

The idea -
whenever a page is viewed, javascript reads the google adsense links and automatically perform an asynchronous open on it. This is equivalent to a click on the link, without even showing the target page.

well.. i didnt know javascript much… but knew what exactly i wan to do and the basic funda of asynchronous stuff (the AJAX). and there was google search to help me hack google adsense.

The story -
* adsense script puts the ads in a iframe. after trying for a while i discovered that javascript doesnt allow me to read the contents of another frame.
* but i was able to access the src url of the iframe. so thought i would fetch the iframe url first, and then get the url from it, and then open that url.
* again.. after trying for a while i was able to figure out that javascript doesnt allow me to send me a XMLHttpRequest (asynchronous open) to a url outside the domain of the parent url.

these restrictions in javascript are there for security reasons, and ruined my dreams of free bucks.

can anyone around think of any better ways ?