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Monday, March 31st, 2008

Was in Hyderabad for Holi. [thanks to the contributers :) ]
Celebrated a grand holi at Kendriya Vihar [ Thanks to Sachin for his place ]
Fell short of thandai stock, so no flying high like last time.
Played loads of sweep. Sweep rocks :). Didnt play CS :(.
Shiben’s PSP rocks.
Couldnt meet many people.
Brandy does the job.


Love you guys. n miss u.

PS : page2feed n blogroll getting better.
PS : wp2.5! Finally I upgraded. wp upgrade reminds me to blog.

back from home

Monday, December 10th, 2007

Was at home last week(24.11-01.12), after 10 months. Its so good to be at home doing nothing and just relaxing.
Heard that it snowed yesterday night at home. Haven’t seen a good snowfall in years. Miss that.

Met lots of relatives and friends, and spent some good time with them.

All my buajis visited and it was nice sitting with them till late night and listening about mine and their childhood memories.

Also started touching feet of elders while greeting, which I completely avoided so far, despite being the odd man out. But will be selective.

Went to visit a temple where the guy over there (called mali Jainu) can magically tell facts about anyone, they say. I am supposed to be a var from there. So I wanted to see if it can implant some faith in this poor soul. Unfortunately the guy who speaks wasn’t there, and I remain faithless.

Did some progress on V2O. Kinda record progress in single day.

* Had asked mom to do the rishta. So mine and her parents had some informal discussion about us. No formal thing is expected anytime soon and marriage is still very far [ref]. They will compare the kundalis soon, despite my insisting not to, but I guess its okey.

Moved to a new place at Gurgaon, which is at 9th floor and gives the feeling of Hill Ridge (Hyderabad) apartment. But its nothing without the poker nights.


Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

something that didn’t happen in long time


quote of all times
“For every 10 ‘no’s that you get, you gonna get 1 ‘yes’. So.. this no is really just bringing you that much closer to a yes. Trust me on this buddy. It’s all mathematics.” - Blind Dating (Movie) [ed]

Re : Is it worth this

Wednesday, July 13th, 2005

my view on Utkarsh khare :: Is it worth this …

I am not talking about choosing one of the two. The question does not arise. Even if they are against your love, choosing it does not mean kicking your family. There were many instances when we make choices against our family. We dont look at them so seriously. Then why we make the issue of choosing our love such a serious one. Why do we hype it to something like “choosing between the two”.
Its not that my parents dont mean like they do to you. For me too my parents mean more than my love. And I will definitely choose my parents if i ever need to choose between the two. But rightnow I dont agree that the question of “choosing” arises.
I would end it, with calling it just another psychological phenomenon. And I wont make a wrong choice (lets call it a psychologically driven choice) for something nothing more than psychological.