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Sunday, December 16th, 2007


Its been my wallpaper for years now. Around 4 years.
Makes me wonder, how insanely boring a person can I be to stick to this stupid wallpaper for so long.

I remember keeping it for the purpose of decent background while using transparent konsole, keeping the text readable.

It is now even wallpapered on my phone, as theme named ifeelgood. And you can see the same on the blog, up there (not in feed u dickhead).

While I’m at wallpapers, let me go into my wallpaper memories.
In Btech 1st year I remember using wallpapers of Britney (a lot), and Kajol and Drew Barrymore. A few times I even heard objections from Cdr Raman and BSRao on my Britney wallpapers.
Then I kept Koudelka and Parasite Eve 2 wallpapers for a long period.
I also remember using a few of Quake, Linux, Tux, Matrix, KT, Osho wallpapers.

‘Tis prolly time to get a new wallpaper.

Finally upgraded wordpress to 2.3.1. It took only a while to restore my customizations.
Is there any nice captcha plugin for wp ?
Whats the follow comments on email plugin ? Does it have time frame as well, like follow comments for a week. Would prefer it that way.

Google Reader really got better. Hey folks, start sharing. I’m reading.


Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

hey guys, i am wrongly blogrolled by you -
abhi anand
ravi chandra

Please update to .

I don’t even have a blogroll ?? what do u think this is.
Actually, I’m compiling one and hope to put up soon.


someone please explain why ping of blogroll is behaving weird.


finished FRIENDS.
rachel and ross gets together in the end. wow!!!


Monday, September 24th, 2007

on an early morning drive.



Losing bets with a friend these days. coz India is not losing.
I have doubled the bet for today’s match.

I try to keep myself away from it. I don’t like to get attached with something like this. I don’t like to setup hopes on things in which I have no role. I don’t like to get hurt when hopes aren’t met.
I used to hope, pray, watch, cheer, frown. But then I asked, wth ?
Yes, I never played either. [stuff for new post]
But I do enjoy watching it sometimes. It does build up some excitement sometimes.

Reservation in India - Timeline

Sunday, May 21st, 2006

1918-1919 : Reservations in government jobs were introduced in 1918 in Mysore in favor of a number of castes and communities that had little share in the administration. In another instance, upon petition from the Muslim community, the British government at the time made provisions in the Government of India acts of 1909 and 1919 granting Muslims share in the administration and other facilities.

1931 : Ambedkar pressed for a separate electorate for the depressed classes at Round Table Conference in London held from November 1930 to January 1931 while representing the depressed classes there.

1932 : Ambedkar and Gandhiji signed the Poona Pact. According to the pact the separate electorate demand was replaced with special concessions like reserved seats in the regional legislative assemblies and Central Council of States.

1935 : In the communal award of 1935, legislative seats were reserved for members of the Muslim, Sikh, Maratha, Parsi, Christian, European, and Anglo-Indian communities. In addition seats were reserved for depressed classes within the Hindu community.

1942 : The scheduled castes were given 8.5 reservation in central services and other facilities in 1942.

1947 : In independent India, provision for reservation in legislature was made in the constitution until 1960, recently extended until 2010. Provision for public services was made at the same time with no time limit.

1950 : In constitution of India, 15% of educational and civil service seats were reserved for “scheduled castes” and 7.5% for “scheduled tribes.”

1963 : The Supreme Court of India ruled that total reservations could not exceed 50%.

1980 : Mandal Comission recommended changes to quotas, increasing them by 27% to 49.5%. (limited by 1963 act). The commission estimated that 52% of the total population (excluding SCs and STs), belonging to 3,743 different castes and communities was ‘backward’.

1990 : The implementation of the Mandal commissions’ recommendations in the case of government jobs by VP Singh. Despite widespread agitation (mostly among students), reservation for the backward classes were upheld to the extent of 27 per cent (this was in addition to the 22.5% already reserved for scheduled castes and tribes, bringing the total of ‘open’ seats to only 50.5%). Rajiv Goswami, student of Delhi University, self-immolated himself in protest of the government’s actions.

1992 : Panchayati Raj Act, 1992 (73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendment) came into effect granting not less then 33% reservation to women in the Panchayati Raj Institutions or local bodies.

1993 : upheld 27% reservation for OBCs subject to the exclusion of socially-advanced persons/sections (creamy layer) from amongst the OBCs. Children of persons with annual income greater than Rs 1 lakh were also to be excluded. The limit was later revised to Rs 2.5 lakh in 2004.

1996 : Prime Minister H.D. Deve Gowda made the actual promise for reservation of seats for women in Parliament and State Assemblies.

2005 (Aug) : The Supreme Court abolished all caste-based reservations in unaided private colleges.

2005 (Dec 21) : After Arjun Singh’s move the Lok Sabha passed the 104th Constitution Amendment Act 2005, rolling back the SC judgment by introducing a new clause into Article 15 to allow for reservations for schedule castes and scheduled tribes as well as other backward classes in private unaided educational institutions other than minority institutions.

2006 (Apr-May) : Human Resource Development Minister Arjun Singh declared government’s intention to fix a quota for the Other Backward Castes (OBCs) in the premier government educational institutions like the Indian Institute of Technologies (IITs) and Indian Institute of Managements and other institutions of higher learning. Widespread protests are taking place.

* Under construction. Pls send me the missing dates, if you know any.

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