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Sunday, December 16th, 2007


Its been my wallpaper for years now. Around 4 years.
Makes me wonder, how insanely boring a person can I be to stick to this stupid wallpaper for so long.

I remember keeping it for the purpose of decent background while using transparent konsole, keeping the text readable.

It is now even wallpapered on my phone, as theme named ifeelgood. And you can see the same on the blog, up there (not in feed u dickhead).

While I’m at wallpapers, let me go into my wallpaper memories.
In Btech 1st year I remember using wallpapers of Britney (a lot), and Kajol and Drew Barrymore. A few times I even heard objections from Cdr Raman and BSRao on my Britney wallpapers.
Then I kept Koudelka and Parasite Eve 2 wallpapers for a long period.
I also remember using a few of Quake, Linux, Tux, Matrix, KT, Osho wallpapers.

‘Tis prolly time to get a new wallpaper.

Finally upgraded wordpress to 2.3.1. It took only a while to restore my customizations.
Is there any nice captcha plugin for wp ?
Whats the follow comments on email plugin ? Does it have time frame as well, like follow comments for a week. Would prefer it that way.

Google Reader really got better. Hey folks, start sharing. I’m reading.

dragon illusion

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Tried this the other day. Its Easy and it works. and its real cool illusion.

Stumbled upon while solving the puzzle forwarded by Bothra. Looks easy.. but it is not. give it a try.

Took video using my new 6275 and tested YouTube upload. It works.

Update[31.03.07] : Tried AudioSwap on this video and its really nice. TestTube rocks.


Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

Nokia 6275

My new phone + camera + music box + browser.

2MP camera, and cool sound quality. An extra 1Gig and OperaMini.

There aren’t many handsets in cdma, but this one seems nice. Was also considering 6265.


Update[March 30th] : And yeah.. FM player.. though hyd fm sux (all telugu stuff).. but big fm is good sometimes.