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Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

Back at campus for a few days..
For completing my long pending BTech :D.

Feels so much like home coming! Hoping so spend a productive and fun filled time here.
Something at IIIT pushes me to blog, :) . And sadly my blogging has gone pathetic since I have been out. Anyways.. lots have happened.. and will be posting all slowly. Hoping to post few sweet short posts at regular intervals now.

PS : This also makes my not-so-late entry for IIIT Bloggers Day. Hence announcing - A new version of blogroll under development. Featuring - Login, Add/Edit blog, create blogroll, add blogs to blogroll. Suggestions invited.!

The one with the missed flight

Sunday, August 12th, 2007

A post in the memory of July 31st night bliss, and for missing the morning flight.

I was there as planned, about 25mins before departure, but they didn’t allow me to board. rules, they said. For sure, had nothing to do with the bliss factors.

Was in Bangalore, and Hyderabad for few days. Was nice to see Unni after long, and Majj too. Was too nice to be with iiit (ms) buddies for a while. Miss you guys.

Watching FRIENDS these days, finally. From scratch. Reached 308. The one with flashback was superb. Had left watching friends in college after ross and raschel had a split. btw, hence the title.
Also watching ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy. its nice.
Just returned from ‘Chakde! India’. Nice movie. They have completely hacked the human mind, for making feel good movies. SRK did fine job. I was developing a stereotype image for him otherwise.

party, poker

Sunday, April 8th, 2007

Nir is back from usa, a few of us gathered at his place.

Had a few good hands of sweep (my fav cards game) while vidit and sachin where cooking dinner. Me and Adi against Paresh and Rocky. And we rocked. [Confession: In of the the game, parry forgot to count the _three_ aces he had. :) ]

And the dinner was great. Great cooking by Vidit and Sachin.

Among a few interesting things that nir has brought, one is a poker set. So played a few games of it (Texas hold ‘em). It was nice. Everyone enjoyed. I managed to win one round. Other winners were Nir ( big time, everyone played most of his money. we had to do some socialisation after that, as in redistribution of the money), Paresh, Rakesh (twice, one was 1 on 1 with me at the end, i bet a lot in the game and lost :( it all ). I am a long time fan of the game ( any cards game infact ) and following it for years but never got chance to play it in real. Have played a lot on computer ( kpoker ) and it was lot different to play in real. A great game, keeps one excited throughout. Dude.. never play for real money.. will end up screwed. Nir and I did a post analysis of the game later in morning, like probability of different winning suites. It was interesting.
I am long time fan of Blackjack team, and waiting for the movie on it.


Nir got a whooping 32x optical zoom camcorder. most of the game is recorded on that.

And who says there is no free beer. You must meet Nir and Vidit once.

A minor B6. and a long hangover.

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