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Friday, September 14th, 2007

#include “oldnumber.h” // defined elsewhere

namespace RelianceCDMA{

/* Finally changed circle to NCR after 3 months of roaming.
* Didn’t get to choose new number. Randomly generated.
* Thanks to Rakesh for sending the id proof. (Connection is on his name).
static const int newNumber = oldNumber + 3346621 ;


running on rails

Thursday, May 4th, 2006

tried Ruby on Rails. and i am now in love with it. you can call it infatuation as well, coz its my third day only with RoR. but i didnt do anything except RoR in these 3 days.

Its been lots of time since its release, and everyone everywhere was talking about it. but i didnt read much on it and assumed that its another framework for web development like those in java etc. but it actually is something worth the hype, even more.

Rails makes web development so easy and beautiful. the code written in RoR has a beauty. i loved to go through my code again and again. restructure it to make it even more better.

The Rails framework is backed up by equally strong language Ruby. A very intuitive language with features of perl and python. probably what Matz (Ruby developer) wanted it to be. His reason for developing this language is interesting - a human focused language. Being a efficiency aware programmer i dont appreciate that much, but i understand exactly what he means.

Rails definitely is the silver bullet for web development. What say Mr Brooks.?

As an example, i tried implementing mess portal on RoR. About 2 years back we implemented it using php. it took me and nir 3 days. But using RoR i was able to implement it in less than 2 days. It was my first encounter with php and Ruby respectively, both seemed intuitive to me. during earlier implementation we didnt know exactly what to make, and this time i knew it clearly, so that helped. php (or perl) is definitely a nice language, but when we talk about db backed application (which mostly is), RoR is the answer. The biggest difference in these two implementation is the code structure. I feared to look at the php code for the second time. it was such a mess, written in ad-hoc way. RoR doesnt allow one to mess up things. It forces to use MVC and DRY. The more i am thinking about it, the more i am falling in love with it.

Temporary Mesg : Interested [local] people can have a look at Mess on Rails[login=guest/pass=iiit123]. Its not fully up, but core logic is in place. If you want to contribute to it you are welcome. I will send u the code.

PS: It might be interesting to go try newly released cakePhp, a php alternatice to Rails. Afterall php was my favourite web development language.