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new number

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

new number is 9212281289

Yes, a Tata indicom number. They could show me great value in north corridor pack(north region at 50p) and Most Dialled Lite -STD(one tata indicom at 25p). Lite -STD is there from a while and could have saved a lot of money for me.

Will continue the reliance number on my primitive handset. But you are requested to overwrite it.

RTM+Gmail. I am loving it. Finally some ToDo list which I am actually using.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

A desperate EULA

Sunday, August 12th, 2007

I got this offer in my inbox from nowhere. I did walk through it, as long it looked simple.

After a few clicks, I ended up at this page (strangely the link is readable without going through all the process), which seemed somehow very strange to me. A desperate EULA(kindof).
It reads : “Please do not say “NO” now!” , with a bigger “Yes” button.
I wonder if it was really really important to show this page (by law), even though its not a “I agree” kindof page.

And I didn’t click YES.

The Great Indian Mantra to get a Million Signups

Monday, July 9th, 2007

The Great Indian Mantra to get a Million Signups in a website is : Free Gifts : Free iPod to ourmost popular yaars! : Search and Win Singapore Trip, Bike, iPod, shuffle, mp3 player, etc. : Win money in cash for blogging.. oops crapping : Check you ZapakMail Inbox and Win.
I sure am lucky not to know the rest of the likes.

Give gifts worth Rs 1K(average) to 1% of signups, and give 10000 such gifts. Get a milltion signups for Rs 10 Million and a bonus word of mouth spamming. That is all you need to push it to a self growing state, and for proudly announcing some big figure. Also, its way too cheaper than advertising on tv and print.

But, what happens after the scheme is over. Does the signup graph keep up after the free lunch. I wonder.
Oh boy, signups for free gifts don’t take the site anywhere, a killer idea do. Ok, no one needs a killer idea, only a not so sucking and original idea. Get a USP atleast. I guess I’m making it too complex, just throw some money and get going.

No one’s fault. Its just a great fit to the great Indian mentality. Show us discount/free-gift and we will go for it, even if its not that good a deal actually.

But why do I cry? I made good amount of money from these stupid offers. Long live the free gifts.

I’m going berserk seeing the number of websites appearing on travel and social networking. Count all of them to me and I will surely add atleast one more.

For you Khare; I didn’t, but this might help : hey people click here

Coming up next : Whats so wonder-ful about Taj (a rant).

Jagjit Singh concert 2

Friday, June 29th, 2007

Attended concert of Jagjit Singh on June 2nd at Hyderabad, with Rakesh and Nir. Long pending post on that.
Second of Jagjit’s concert I attended. First here.

It surely was one of his best concert (can say from the recordings i have heard). He was in a enjoyful (high) mood.
I didn’t had to wait too long for ‘mein nashe mein hoon’.

Complete list of ghazals sung in the concert (thanks to Rakesh for the list) -
1. Kaun Kehta Hai.
2. Kiya Hai Pyaar To
3. Thukrao Ab ke Pyaar Karo
4. Tere Bare mein jab socha nahi tha
5. Hoshwalon ko khabar kya
6. Kagaz ki kashti
7. Chand Bhi Dekha
8. Kal Chaudavin ki raat
9. Tera Chehra kitna suhana lagta hai
10 Tumko dekha to yeh khayal aaya
11. Hothon se Choo Lo tum
12. Sarakti jaye hai Rukh se naqab
13. Chariyan Di Zoon Boori (punjabi)
14. Kurti Malmal ki (punjabi)
15. Soun Da Mahina (punjabi)

In the end a few punjabi guys (from organizers) started dancing during the punjabi songs, and Jagjit too joined in. That was cool.
The artists did a lot of trans at intervals. That was great too.

Also many thanks to organizers for the nice show, and not doing any crap about the charity thing.

Enjoyed it!