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Mere Yaar ki Shaadi Hai

Sunday, May 13th, 2007

Mere Yaar ki Shaadi Hai
Rakesh got married to Seema on 8th at his native place Palojori, Madhupur, Jharkhand. I with Vidit, Khare and Madhukar reached there. Nir also reached from home. More details are in Khare’s blog. Was a long long journey by train. Hyd - Kolkata - Madhupur and Madhupur - Asansol - Bardhaman - Howrah - Hyd. Yes, we ditched single reserved train and changed 3 trains from Madhupur to Howrah to accompany Khare as he had missed his 4 hrs late train. How can someone miss a 4 hrs late train? That you must ask Khare only. And Nir didn’t get down from train at right station ‘coz he was sleeping.

First marriage of a close friend. So it was surely a special marriage, which i didn’t want to miss. First marriage of college mate, that I attended. I surely had a great time at the marriage. Rakesh disappointed me though, didn’t allow me to give bumps.


Added few more states - Orrisa, West Bengal and Jharkhand to my visited list and visited the last metro - Kolkata.

Cards @ journey
Got a satisfying dose of cards all along, especially in the trains. Played mostly 29. There weren’t enough people who knew my favorite game - sweep. Sweep is a very popular game in my native place, which I found surprisingly unfamiliar at many other places. It is similar to casino, and probably is pahari derivative of it. Will consider writing this sometime.

Pics from the journey are here. None are from marriage. They are on Khare’s and Nir’s camera.

Reading @ journey
Also finally got time to finish iWoz which I’ve been reading once in a while for more than 6 months now. A really nice book. He does share lots of thoughts with me. Clears lots of misconceptions about history of Apple. He does show an ugly face of Jobs many times, which wasn’t really required; I believe it to be true though. His stand on engineer vs manager was cool. This books gives a nice definition to engineering and innovation. He will remain an inspirational figure for me. I wonder if I will ever be able to pull pranks of the order he did. A must read for engineers.

Also got time to read In Spite of the Gods, a book Vidit was carrying along. It was ‘a fine introduction (of Indian politics) for unacquainted outsiders’ (in one of the reviewer’s words) to me. Definitely a nice read, but of not much values to me.

movies @ Jan ‘06

Saturday, February 11th, 2006

44 minutes ****(3.8)

The Bone Collector ****(3.8)

Kalyug ****(3.7)
The starting of the movie was a ‘feel good’ stuff. Liked the actoress.
and i am in love with the song “jiya dhadak dhadak jaaye”
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The Insider ****(4.2)
Al Pacino and Crowe together rocks.

L A Confidencial ****(4.3)
great movie.

Serendipity *****(4.7)
a great romantic movie with an interesting philosphy

25th hour **(2)
What was great about this movie.
Or probably i didnt pay much attention to the events.

King Arthur ***(3.5)

Trainspotting **(2.5)
Another drugs shit. But why did i feel like they have produced real like effects. like i was able to feel it.

Kaal ***(3)
nothing great.
and i use to think srk was in the movie.

movies @ nov-dec 05

Monday, January 2nd, 2006

Happy new year folks.

Movie : Van Wilder ****(3.8)
“Dont take life too seriously. You’ll never get out alive”

Movie : Ek Khiladi Ek Hasina ***(3.0)
If you dont know about the movie ‘confidence’, you will sure will like the movie. its a copy paste but nicely done.

Movie : Home Delivery ***(3.1)
A nice fun movie.. with great action of Boman. the ‘gyan guru’.

Movie : Anything Else ***(3.2)
how well can you argue for anything ? awesome arguements throughout the movie.

Movie : Octopussy ***(2.6)
Saw it because it had few scenes shooted in india and kabir bedi and anand in starcast. I didnt like any bond movie except for Brosnan’s.

Movie : Man on Fire ****(3.8)
nice movie.

Movie : Ek Ajnabee **(1.8)
Copying at its best. remake of Man on Fire. Story, music, dialogues, and even the casting style. And awful acting by everyone, including AB.

Movie : Garam Masala **(2.5)
paresh rawal rocks as usual.

Movie : Chronicles of Narnia ****(3.7)
awesome graphics effects and okey story.

Movie : Sehar ***(3.3)
nice movie.

Movie : The Man with One Red Shoe **(2.2)

Movie : The Waterboy ***(2.7)

Movie : Neal n Niki **(1.5)

Movie : Mr ya Miss **(1.8)

lots of movies to blog…

Saturday, November 5th, 2005

On Diwali weekend saw lots of movies… Had a nice company of Amal.

Movie : Negotiator **** (3.8)
A fundoo movie.

Movie : American Pie 4 ***(2.9)
Just Another American Pie

Movie : The Longest Yard ***(2.7)
BC stuff

Movie : Femme Fatale ***(3.1)
See a full movie.. then find out that it was just a dream… and in remaining 5 mins try to fix the mistakes that were made in the dream

Movie : Wag the Dog ****(3.8)
How Mr Fixit fixes it. Movie gets interesting at many places.
“Why does a dog wag its tail? Because a dog is smarter than its tail. If the tail was smarter, the tail would wag the dog.”

Saw 2 while going to mumbai.. in bus

Movie : Dus *** (2.8)
Okey movie.. good when u cant do anything else

Movie : BnB revision I like this movie.
“The OpenGl Aishvarya”

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