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0.00000238th of knowledge

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

0.00000238th of knowledge this year is sponsored by me.
Donated my bit to wikipedia. $11. My first donation. Btw, its my first transaction from Paypal.
Will surely donate much more next year, if my average bank balance reaches 5 digits.

Wikipedia is usually my first place to look for any info, before google search. That explains its being #1 at my google history trends. It does save a lot of time, and provides best compiled information. I have even browsed wikipedia from my phone a few times, while at some boring place, with nothing to do.

Wikipedia has also helped me in earning some money (when i needed it most) via ibibopedia.

I have also done a little contribution to the knowledge base as well.

Wikipedia is really nothing less than a brain-extension.

Hey folks, got some change ?

The Great Indian Mantra to get a Million Signups

Monday, July 9th, 2007

The Great Indian Mantra to get a Million Signups in a website is : Free Gifts : Free iPod to ourmost popular yaars! : Search and Win Singapore Trip, Bike, iPod, shuffle, mp3 player, etc. : Win money in cash for blogging.. oops crapping : Check you ZapakMail Inbox and Win.
I sure am lucky not to know the rest of the likes.

Give gifts worth Rs 1K(average) to 1% of signups, and give 10000 such gifts. Get a milltion signups for Rs 10 Million and a bonus word of mouth spamming. That is all you need to push it to a self growing state, and for proudly announcing some big figure. Also, its way too cheaper than advertising on tv and print.

But, what happens after the scheme is over. Does the signup graph keep up after the free lunch. I wonder.
Oh boy, signups for free gifts don’t take the site anywhere, a killer idea do. Ok, no one needs a killer idea, only a not so sucking and original idea. Get a USP atleast. I guess I’m making it too complex, just throw some money and get going.

No one’s fault. Its just a great fit to the great Indian mentality. Show us discount/free-gift and we will go for it, even if its not that good a deal actually.

But why do I cry? I made good amount of money from these stupid offers. Long live the free gifts.

I’m going berserk seeing the number of websites appearing on travel and social networking. Count all of them to me and I will surely add atleast one more.

For you Khare; I didn’t, but this might help : hey people click here

Coming up next : Whats so wonder-ful about Taj (a rant).

dtd, work, sigcig, etc

Friday, April 27th, 2007

Thanks to Chandu for introducing me to the beautiful game Desktop Tower Defense aka DTD. Played the game a lot in last week, to the level of hallucinating characters of the game (especially green and red health bar) with open eyes. But finally completed the game in medium difficulty level with 14 lives left [proof in the pic]. Nice and addictive game. Last flash game i played like this was crabball.

Did some good amount of work on CUDA. Its real fun to write programs for parallel programming architecture, especially when its restricted environment as in CUDA. Have to think a lot differently than how we think in programming a CPU. Was able to get 30x performance gain over CPU time in an algorithm.

The VODCA library developed by vision students is good. Its Video processing library on GPU (using CUDA). And the name is way too cool.

CUDA is a real breakthrough from Nvidia, and I’m sure its going to rock big time. Power of GPU is no longer limited to GPU hackers (bad for me), and anyone with lil bit of brain can use it now.

Also gave a small talk with skp on adv gpu programming intro to new CVIT students. Its good to be a gpu guru sometimes.

But what the hell has nvidia done with their 8400 (and even 8500) cards. We are compelled to compare them with 5600 cards. 16 scalar processors, for god’s sake please tell me what was in your mind while deciding this number. Ok.. its fking cheap and ‘vista essencial’, but why the hell will anyone buy it.

Skp introduced sigcig, I and have a role of order(X) in it. Do join us at orkut.

Played another game of poker last week. It was great fun again. And I must mention a godly game of that day. J, K, Q, A of spades were open at table. Don’t ask me how, Parry was the dealer. This is nothing yet. 3 of us were damn confident about our hands. And bet lot, all of money (virtual) into the game. And everyone was like at 7th heaven, sure that no one can beat him. Well kunal showed first and he had 8 of spades. I didn’t let him smile for long after i showed my 9 of spades. I was god of the game, winning a lot of money. Me and Kunal were (alomst) all-in. I was saying what a coincidence. But.. that is when Nir showed his 10 of spades. What… this is fucking impossible.. I couldnt believe it, but it was all there.. in front of me.. Nir gathering all the money.. in a movie style. He made a royal flush, which has a probability of 0.00000154. What a dealing.. 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A of spades on the table. How did u do it Paresh ? This was last game of the day. A awesome closing. Sachin was another player.

That was a bad day for me, I won only a single game. Which was very important for me. I wont it with a all-in, and won a lot of money to keep me in the game till end. Weekend is back.. hope there will be a few more interesting games again.

And yea.. google history. Exactly what i wanted. I waited so long to record my web history. Long back when google launched web accelerator, I hoped to get something like this but it didn’t happen. Many people have problems in trusting google so much.. but I cant resist to the values it provides. To me, discarding web history is loss of lots of data/information. At max a lot of pr0n links and atm hacking details will get recorded. No big problem.

running on rails

Thursday, May 4th, 2006

tried Ruby on Rails. and i am now in love with it. you can call it infatuation as well, coz its my third day only with RoR. but i didnt do anything except RoR in these 3 days.

Its been lots of time since its release, and everyone everywhere was talking about it. but i didnt read much on it and assumed that its another framework for web development like those in java etc. but it actually is something worth the hype, even more.

Rails makes web development so easy and beautiful. the code written in RoR has a beauty. i loved to go through my code again and again. restructure it to make it even more better.

The Rails framework is backed up by equally strong language Ruby. A very intuitive language with features of perl and python. probably what Matz (Ruby developer) wanted it to be. His reason for developing this language is interesting - a human focused language. Being a efficiency aware programmer i dont appreciate that much, but i understand exactly what he means.

Rails definitely is the silver bullet for web development. What say Mr Brooks.?

As an example, i tried implementing mess portal on RoR. About 2 years back we implemented it using php. it took me and nir 3 days. But using RoR i was able to implement it in less than 2 days. It was my first encounter with php and Ruby respectively, both seemed intuitive to me. during earlier implementation we didnt know exactly what to make, and this time i knew it clearly, so that helped. php (or perl) is definitely a nice language, but when we talk about db backed application (which mostly is), RoR is the answer. The biggest difference in these two implementation is the code structure. I feared to look at the php code for the second time. it was such a mess, written in ad-hoc way. RoR doesnt allow one to mess up things. It forces to use MVC and DRY. The more i am thinking about it, the more i am falling in love with it.

Temporary Mesg : Interested [local] people can have a look at Mess on Rails[login=guest/pass=iiit123]. Its not fully up, but core logic is in place. If you want to contribute to it you are welcome. I will send u the code.

PS: It might be interesting to go try newly released cakePhp, a php alternatice to Rails. Afterall php was my favourite web development language.