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0.00000238th of knowledge

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

0.00000238th of knowledge this year is sponsored by me.
Donated my bit to wikipedia. $11. My first donation. Btw, its my first transaction from Paypal.
Will surely donate much more next year, if my average bank balance reaches 5 digits.

Wikipedia is usually my first place to look for any info, before google search. That explains its being #1 at my google history trends. It does save a lot of time, and provides best compiled information. I have even browsed wikipedia from my phone a few times, while at some boring place, with nothing to do.

Wikipedia has also helped me in earning some money (when i needed it most) via ibibopedia.

I have also done a little contribution to the knowledge base as well.

Wikipedia is really nothing less than a brain-extension.

Hey folks, got some change ?

on wikipedia

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007

While chatting with a friend

< ok yaar tell me some sites which gives me more information.
< not google,yahoo
< areee ye thoh alloo bhaji hai

** rofl. that was funny!

in continuation ..
< but what found that there is a limited info in that (wikipedia)
> yea.. it will have introductory info mostly..
< that you can only reach through search on google etc
> google hi jai ram ji ki
> aatttrrraammm sssaatrrrmmm sab kuch wohi hai at last

catched on the move..
patthar pe patthar.. kya balance hai..