A desperate EULA

I got this offer in my inbox from nowhere. I did walk through it, as long it looked simple.

After a few clicks, I ended up at this page (strangely the link is readable without going through all the process), which seemed somehow very strange to me. A desperate EULA(kindof).
It reads : “Please do not say “NO” now!” , with a bigger “Yes” button.
I wonder if it was really really important to show this page (by law), even though its not a “I agree” kindof page.

And I didn’t click YES.

2 Responses to “A desperate EULA”

  1. Sreejith Says:

    hey even i got that.. and didn’t click the yes :P so vella we are :D

  2. nipun Says:

    hey hey …me too and I’m one of the “no” ones too :)

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