Alcoholic Beverages : different paths to same destination

Had chance to taste Champagne on 31st night (thanks to Sahib Sindh Sultan). It was fking awesome.

Over a discussion started exploring on what makes it so godly.. and on the flow.. compiled the following article on different alcoholic beverages.

Alcoholic beverage made usually from malted cereal such as corn, rye, wheat or barely(usually), flavored with hops, and brewed by slow fermentation using yeast. Beer generally has alcohol content of 4-6.5% by volume.

Wines are made from a variety of fruits, such as grapes, peaches, plums or apricots. The most common wines are produced from grapes. Sometimes even vegetables and grains are also used. It is fermented and often aged in barrels to produce a wide array of flavors. Wine has alcohol content of 10-15%.

Wine is broadly classified in the following categories:
1. Still (non-sparkling) Wines are Light wines having an alcoholic content of 14 percent or less. They include Burgundy, red and white Bordeaux, Claret, Moselle, Tokay, Alsatian, Rhine, Zinfandel, Chablis, Sauterne, and such Italian wines as Chianti, Barolo and Barbera.
2. Sparkling Wines are light wines which bubble and fizz when they are poured. This is because they contain carbon dioxide. They include champagne, Astispumante, Burgundy, Moselle, Saumur and Catawba. Sparkling wines have alcohol percentage of 8-14%.
3. Fortified Wines are those whose alcoholic content has been increased the addition to brandy and other spirits. Among these wines are Malaga, port, sherry and muscatel. Fortified wines generally have 14-24% of alcohol.
4. Aromatic Wines famous for their distinctive odor (called bouquet) results from the addition of wormwood and other aromatic herbs and spices to the wine. Such wines have an alcoholic of 15 to 20 percent.

Champagne is a sparkling wine produced by inducing the in-bottle secondary fermentation of wine to effect carbonation. Champagne have alcohol percentage of 8-14%.

Distilled beverages ( Spirits )
Distilled beverages ( also called Spirits) are alcoholic beverages containing ethyl alcohol purified by distillation, or other method, from a substance such as wine, concentrated sugar solution, (fermented)grain or wood. Typically spirits have alcohol content of 40 to 55 percent.

The most well-known distilled beverages are:

Brandy is a matured distilled beverage from fermented fruit juices(white wine). Its name derives from the process, burned (gebrande) wine. Because the wine is highly heated it gets a special flavor and the alcohol percentage is increased. Brandy contains 45 to 55 percent alcohol.

Rum is a matured distilled beverage of juice of a sugar cane or molasses. Rum is aged for at least three years. Rum contains about 40.0-55.0% of alcohol.

Vodka is a non-matured distilled beverage from grain (sometimes fruits). Vodka generally contain alcohol percentage of 40-50%. Few vodka may contain a very high alcohol percentage, even up to 72.5%.

Gin is a non-matured distilled beverage from grain flavored with juniper berry and other ingredients. Gin is usually made by the re-distillation of white grain spirit (vodka) with the berries. Gin is generally 40-50 percent alcohol.

Whiskey is a matured distilled beverage from grains such as corn, rye or barley. Maturation makes it different from vodka. During maturation the alcohol percentage declines. The maturation of whiskey ranges from three to fifteen year. Whiskey contain about (40-55%) 45% of alcohol.
Scotch Whiskey was originally made in Scotland. The word “Scotch” has become almost synonymous with whiskey of good quality.

Tequila is a liquor made by fermenting and distilling the aguamiel (sap) of the blue agave plant. A single shot of tequila is often served with salt and a slice of lemon or lime. Most common tequilas are 35% to 55% alcohol.

Cordial, or Liqueur, is made by combining some spirits such as brandy with sugar and certain flavoring. Examples of the fruit cordials are apricot, blackberry, cherry, raspberry, and strawberry liqueurs. Most liqueurs contain 20-65 percent alcohol.

To sum it up - Beer is fermented grain. Wine is fermented fruit. Spirits( Brandy, Rum, Vodka, Gin, Whiskey ) is alcohol that has been extracted from wine or beer by distillation.

and a lil fun.. (from fammer)
Johnnie walked..
Johnnie walked…
Johnnie walked….
dont drive after drinking.

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