April 1st

On this April 1st -

Goog’s wasnt that much fun this time. more. This is rather cool.

Dodo almost got me there. Signed in anyway.

This sweetheart did something interesting.

Chandu @ status : yipeee..i am coming…. - Liar Liar!

Sam @ status : jaya promoted. - Now thats not funny.

B’days @ orkut : Ankit , Ketan - Happy b’day guys.

Didn’t try anything this year. Have put reminders for next year. Want to pull something big.
Getting Visesh (and Vardhman) to PizzaHut for a date will count as one of the best we did.

Happy b’day!

PS : Pssst.. some guys have all the luck. Details from unni. :)

5 Responses to “April 1st”

  1. pkj Says:

    Check this one -> http://www.xobni.com/blog/2008/04/01/xobni-announces-support-for-pine-email-client/

  2. Kunal Says:

    the Google Docs airplane was good :)

  3. Kulbir Saini Says:

    i was shocked while watching that rakhi sawant video :P

  4. peesu Says:

    youtube’s was good

  5. Kulbir Saini Says:

    knock knock :P

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