let the pics speak!



All those who know that i never drove a cycle, i was able to reach campus from apartment on third day. And others who didnt know, yeah.. i really didnt know.

more pics..

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  1. mythalez Says:

    cycle! .. i was hopin to see some brand new motobike

  2. Kunal Says:

    third day?
    you mean to say you took three days cycling to reach campus from apartment ? ;) …. by the way who taught you?

  3. Rakesh Says:

    you know !!
    You know, I knew that u dont know .. and I still dont believe it .. let me see then only I can tell whether you know or not.

    btw… bike ho ya mobike .. manne to party chahiye ..

  4. Sreejith Says:

    I dont see Firefox written anywhere on the bike!! What happened? btw any cuts/bruises while learning?

  5. ORB Says:

    wow nice bike, awesome

  6. smr Says:

    shouldnt hope that from jobless people

    :). myself.

    was waiting for u today. come sometime.

    Firefox looked awesome.. wanted to buy one. just that it was 3 times in cost.


  7. sumanth Says:

    Cycle? Reminds me of Sreejith going all the way till Indiranagar on a cycle ;) some storyy i was told again n again..

    Btw, how much did this cost you? Looks really good…

  8. smr Says:

    its Hero Tech Team @ 4.5K
    (probably new launch. no links on net yet)

  9. sanyam Says:

    i dont believe it
    i dont accept this. Its just a photo of a cycle.
    How do i know tht its yours, plus you learnt riding, plus you actually reached IIIT ;))

    we need some concrete proof :)

  10. kopos Says:

    mubarak ho
    congrats man. and more health, muscles and bucks to you :)

  11. utkarsh Says:

    a business idea !!
    dood .. i have a brilliant business Idea for you .. make a video with you cycling and then send it to AXN “unbelievable but true videos” .. apparently they pay you pretty well for such things ..
    And yes . we need a picture of you on the bike . possibly even a video .. but just a pic is not enough to assure us that you have learnt the art.

  12. ORB Says:

    hey the above comment is not by me!
    i never saw this post at all

  13. skp Says:

    wah wah …
    ta da da …..

    nice going buddy …

    riding a bicycle near ur apartment wud be awesome …

    will try that soon …. very soon….

  14. jayaram Says:

    how about some credit to me too?
    it wasnt easy to go 30km for a cycle

  15. satish Says:

    Wat Yaar, I m expecting sm dynamic Bikes.. U disappoint me.. though, its good 2 our health.. keep on cycling…

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