crabball cracked…

gcrabball : a volleyball game, played against computer…
introduced to me by Nir and pkm… and I played it all these days, whenever i was tired of working.[1]

And today… finally I crossed all the limits of high scores…
It was an amazing game… the comp was fast like anything around the score of 40 and 50. He was not even visible clearly while moving. But after that he went crazy. Must be coz of increasing the speed even further. Around 100 he could even come to my court, and after a while he was no where in the screen. I stopped the game somewhere at 1100. Theoraticaly my high score is INT_MAX. smile


[smr@inferno2 temp]$ rm -f crabball.swf ; echo thats it
removed `crabball.swf’
thats it

[1] to be more precise “worked whenever i was tired of playing”

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  1. pAT| Says:

    he he
    how come u skin at bloggin ??? :O

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