Jagjit Singh live in concert

Listened to Jagjit Singh live. A long time wish come true.

It doesnt actually make any difference for me to listen to him live or on a player. I have no craze of listening to singers live. But Jagjit’s case is different. Have a bond with him of a decade.

I’m listening to Jagjit from 10 years now. Started listening to him when i was in 8th, and more regularly from 10th. I was not a lot into music till then. filmi music never made sense to me. I never understood what did my friends find so interesting in songs, and why do we have song in movies. Though later movies like Dil Se, Taal, Kareeb etc made me like filmi music as well.

I prefer to keep music in background. The purpose of music for me is to create an ambiance. I rarely like to keep music in foreground and listen to lyrics or appreciate the music.
During +1/+2 or drop i started playing gazals in a low volume while studying. And at IIIT continued to listen to gazals while working on pc. Gazals because they fulfilled my purpose of slow, soft background music very well. Now I like other kind of music as well, but they don’t go so well in background. They arent meant to.

I sometimes feel Jagjit as a important part in my life. When i was a senti kid, i use to listen to him. When i was crazy in love, his gazals use to share my feelings, understand me. His gazals maintained the ambiance, while i was thinking, solving the complex questions of life. I thank him as a contributor for my philosophical development. In my dream home, i never forgot to include his music playing in the morning and evening. I can’t imagine an ambiance better than created by his gazals. And a rack full of his albums.

After i introduced her to Jagjit, she too became a fan of him. She was too happy today for me listening to him live.

A few of my favorite gazals -
* Main nashe mein hoon
* Apne hoton pe sajana cahata hoon
* Apni marzi se kahan, apne safar ke hum hain
* Woh khat ke purze udaa raha tha
* Hazaron Khwahishe Aisi
* Jab naam tera pyar se likhti hain oonglian

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  1. pkj Says:

    be careful in what you write …
    When i was crazy in love

    You are _still_ crazy in love, aren’t you ?

  2. Turbo and Ramavtar Says:

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    Your Image Verification for comments can easily be hacked :P
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  3. smr Says:

    i mean it. and if you still find me crazy in love, then its completely different crazyness i’m talking about.

    @turbo and ramavtar
    just needed some simple captcha to fool the spams. and its working great. no spams at all.

  4. Asheesh Says:

    Lucky u …:)
    I too hope to catch him performing live some time..
    my all time fav is “Tum nahi gham nahin …”

  5. Mohit Khatri Says:

    when i was in 10th class my girlfriend told me what you want as your birthday gift. than she told me do you lissen songs i say yes. than she told me which types of song. i am rply Gazals only jagjit singh. than she told me which cassets do you like more. i reply i can’t decided till now which is most favourable for me. and she giffted me 10 cassets of jagjit singh Gajals. today i have all these 10 cassets. and it is my part of life. as same case happen in my college. till 8th standard i was listing Gajals and now i m in MBA II year and my crazy ness about Gazals only for jagjit singh in day by day increase. but he is the king of Gazals. NA KOI AAYA HAI NA KOI AYEGA.ISKE BAAD. GOOD BLES YOU JAGJIT SINGH AND GIVE ME A LOTS OF MEMORABLE GAZALS IN MY WHOLE LIFE.

  6. Mohit Khatri Says:

    One thing is forgate
    my fauvrite gazals in ADMI ADMI KO KYA DEGA.

  7. milind Says:

    All jagjit singh gazals
    Please send me all 710 gazals of jagjit singh.

  8. sonia Says:

    where is he performing in jaipur tomorrow??
    anybody knows where is he (jagjit singhji) performing tomorrow…. i just love him too much to loose this event….. i jsut got to know he is here in jaipur… and i am dieing to see him live. plz plz let me know

  9. madhu Says:

    Its not gajal or gazal . Its ‘Ghazal’ first know how to write it:(

  10. verka_perka Says:

    mp3 download
    HI! I just wanted to tell you that i really liked your site and you did a great job with it. Just for your note http://mp3-punk.org has great music there.

  11. Nitin Chordia Says:

    Jab naam tera pyar se likhti hain oonglian
    Can someone email me the song - Jab naam tera pyar se likhti hain oonglian by jagjit singh? I will really appreciate the same.

    I have been looking for it for a long time!


  12. raj Says:

    Cute music, thanx, I really appreciate him. Love Hindi music!!!!!Always search the web for it kRITIKA AGARWAL Says:

    Jagjit Singh is a legend
    Its like living a life when i listen to Jagjit Singh.Whatever times i listen to his gazals, each time is a wonderful experience.
    There is none like him and will never be like him ever.

  13. satish purswani Says:

    Pls send me face to face and all other ghazals by jagjitsingh available with u.

  14. manmeet Says:

    am a Great FAN of JAGJIT SINGH - can u pls give me link of his ghazal . . .

    ya khuda mere daman duniya ke ghamno se bhar de . . .

  15. amit taya Says:

    hi amit here.hw r u sir.i m in aus as a student.i m male 21.but i m interested in writting GAJALS .i have my 120 own creation.i m just want u see one of them.i like ur voice very much .there is a soiltouch in it.can u do that work 4 me.i m ur son as well.
    thanks sir .bye

  16. Sarav Dhillon Says:

    hi to all ghazal listeners.Many thanks to the guy who introduced ghazals in my life about 12 years ago.unfortunately he is no more in my life.but the beautiful gift he gave me will remain with me till i die.jagjit singh’s voice is part of my life.his ghazals have such a influence on my personality n i think i am a better humanbeing because of the philosphical learnings i did thro it.i have attended few live concerts of jagjit singh in mumbai.i was out of the world during each of the concert.i think i have never experienced something like that in my life.such a spiritual journey i had in his concerts.no word can explain that.i live in england now.could anyone please tell me when jagjit singh is coming here for concerts.

  17. Gaurav Kumar Bnasal Says:

    hi to all gajal listeners…. i m fully interested in singing and listing….this interest become by my aunty’s sun live in mathura where i lived taking a room on rent ….in starting i was not interested but anty’s son listen on my computer so i interested in singing n listening of gajal……now my interest is not only interested but also habit bcoz i my interested is going in deep in deep………………..thank u

  18. keshav m jadhav Says:

    please send me the list of hi best song

  19. dipesh Says:

    hello, jagjit sir my name is dipesh and i love ur gazals like any thing, i love ur concert of parwaz in singapore and sydney concert very much and even the life story is having a beautiful gazals, i m nearly having the colllection of all the concert gazals of yours. i have even heard u live only once in 2003 at nehru planitorium worli, sir my only wish in life is that i want to meet u once and have your autograph, and why i am so attached with u bcoz we are of same zodiac sign sir your birthday on 8feb and mine on 2feb, sir about others i dont know but i know that i am yours biggest fan on this planet. sir recently u were not well and was admitted to bombay hospital hope so u are felling better then before and sir i want that u sing like this forever and ever. ok sir bye take care

  20. ROHIT SUREKA Says:

    sir, i wanna know bout the link from where i can download jagjitsingh’s full concert …………can u plz let me know………

  21. PIYUSH Says:


  22. Ankit Jain Says:

    Jagjit singh is onley singer whom i can enjoy more then 1 day.
    Tera chahra,kagej ki kasti my favraite.Thanks sir.

  23. kavita verma Says:

    I love to listen to jagjit singh. He is my all time favourite. I do not know why but his ghazals and his voice soothes me , no matter i am happy or depressed. My only dream is to listen to him live, atleast once…..but have never got a chance. Can anybody help me to inform about his rforthcoming concer in delhi…or any other way to grab this information….I just have no clues about it.

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