movies @ Jan ‘06

44 minutes ****(3.8)

The Bone Collector ****(3.8)

Kalyug ****(3.7)
The starting of the movie was a ‘feel good’ stuff. Liked the actoress.
and i am in love with the song “jiya dhadak dhadak jaaye”
rm -rf ~/.p /tmp/p

The Insider ****(4.2)
Al Pacino and Crowe together rocks.

L A Confidencial ****(4.3)
great movie.

Serendipity *****(4.7)
a great romantic movie with an interesting philosphy

25th hour **(2)
What was great about this movie.
Or probably i didnt pay much attention to the events.

King Arthur ***(3.5)

Trainspotting **(2.5)
Another drugs shit. But why did i feel like they have produced real like effects. like i was able to feel it.

Kaal ***(3)
nothing great.
and i use to think srk was in the movie.

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  1. adsence Says:

    how many hits on an average do u get daily ??

  2. pramodh Says:

    hi,I am unable to enroll my blog in the blogroll.I made several futile attempts with all the combinations.Can you add this in the blogroll?


  3. sanyam Says:

    u did rm - rf to your .p folders :-O
    what made you do that .. the movie?

  4. smr Says:

    approx 1000 hits a day

    its done. you were giving the wrong feed url its blogurl/feed

    you got it right.

  5. sandeep Says:

    did u spend one full weekend watching movies..research nahi karni kya..i will tell Dr. PJN

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