movies @ nov-dec 05

Happy new year folks.

Movie : Van Wilder ****(3.8)
“Dont take life too seriously. You’ll never get out alive”

Movie : Ek Khiladi Ek Hasina ***(3.0)
If you dont know about the movie ‘confidence’, you will sure will like the movie. its a copy paste but nicely done.

Movie : Home Delivery ***(3.1)
A nice fun movie.. with great action of Boman. the ‘gyan guru’.

Movie : Anything Else ***(3.2)
how well can you argue for anything ? awesome arguements throughout the movie.

Movie : Octopussy ***(2.6)
Saw it because it had few scenes shooted in india and kabir bedi and anand in starcast. I didnt like any bond movie except for Brosnan’s.

Movie : Man on Fire ****(3.8)
nice movie.

Movie : Ek Ajnabee **(1.8)
Copying at its best. remake of Man on Fire. Story, music, dialogues, and even the casting style. And awful acting by everyone, including AB.

Movie : Garam Masala **(2.5)
paresh rawal rocks as usual.

Movie : Chronicles of Narnia ****(3.7)
awesome graphics effects and okey story.

Movie : Sehar ***(3.3)
nice movie.

Movie : The Man with One Red Shoe **(2.2)

Movie : The Waterboy ***(2.7)

Movie : Neal n Niki **(1.5)

Movie : Mr ya Miss **(1.8)

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    Happy New Year Ranta

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    Happy New year Ranta !!

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    Happy New year Ranta !!!

    (carry on the wishing thread with !++)

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