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Nir is back from usa, a few of us gathered at his place.

Had a few good hands of sweep (my fav cards game) while vidit and sachin where cooking dinner. Me and Adi against Paresh and Rocky. And we rocked. [Confession: In of the the game, parry forgot to count the _three_ aces he had. :) ]

And the dinner was great. Great cooking by Vidit and Sachin.

Among a few interesting things that nir has brought, one is a poker set. So played a few games of it (Texas hold ‘em). It was nice. Everyone enjoyed. I managed to win one round. Other winners were Nir ( big time, everyone played most of his money. we had to do some socialisation after that, as in redistribution of the money), Paresh, Rakesh (twice, one was 1 on 1 with me at the end, i bet a lot in the game and lost :( it all ). I am a long time fan of the game ( any cards game infact ) and following it for years but never got chance to play it in real. Have played a lot on computer ( kpoker ) and it was lot different to play in real. A great game, keeps one excited throughout. Dude.. never play for real money.. will end up screwed. Nir and I did a post analysis of the game later in morning, like probability of different winning suites. It was interesting.
I am long time fan of Blackjack team, and waiting for the movie on it.


Nir got a whooping 32x optical zoom camcorder. most of the game is recorded on that.

And who says there is no free beer. You must meet Nir and Vidit once.

A minor B6. and a long hangover.

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  1. Kunal Says:

    32x Optical zoom !!!!!!!! are you kidding ?

  2. utkarsh Says:

    Poker .. uhmm .. interesting .. don’t play for money .. get some girls in and play strip poker .. and use the 32x zoom ..

  3. Jon Says:


    Please contact me at

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