something that didn’t happen in long time


quote of all times
“For every 10 ‘no’s that you get, you gonna get 1 ‘yes’. So.. this no is really just bringing you that much closer to a yes. Trust me on this buddy. It’s all mathematics.” - Blind Dating (Movie) [ed]

8 Responses to “something”

  1. sanyam Says:

    wht i guess you missed writing about tht something :)

  2. skp Says:

    I think _NOs_ always make better decisions as compared to _Yes_ !!

  3. pkj Says:

    wth does the opening line means ?

  4. Rakesh Says:

    “something that didn’t happen in long time”

    WHAT ???

  5. smr Says:

    ok.. the plot and the story isn’t really important.
    ended up seeing finger from a group of girls.

  6. sanyam Says:

    he he


    gud for you.

  7. sanyam Says:

    i am sure you must be trying to take an upskirt pic from your phone :P

  8. smr Says:

    @sam: oh no. that would end up with lot more than this.

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