the joy of Joy

yeah I’ve got Reliance Joy [Postpaid] after a long long wait

Joy is a postpaid plan of Reliance with very attactive offers like 1 Re per min to anywhere in india.[1]

and my new no. is 9346774648

Thanks to Sachin for his cell phone (prepaid that i converted into postpaid) and to Rakesh for taking the pain of converting it.

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[1]* Reliance Joy Plan

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7 Responses to “the joy of Joy”

  1. kunal Says:

    dude, even i took the pains for converting it.. the pains include:
    1) Got wet in rain (twice)
    2) Ate expensive food (read CP instead of PR)
    3) Even i may get this connection :)

    so some credit to me too .. :D

  2. :( Says:

    wass up with these google ads :( ??

  3. smr Says:

    earning some pocket money…
    while i blog. :)

  4. ads Says:

    do u earn money for just hits r for clicking them ??

  5. smr Says:

    a very small amount….
    but a decent, if someone cliks. still trying to understand it.
    btw.. i’ve earned $0.50 in 3 days.

  6. jayaram Says:

    lend me some :P

  7. smr’s blog » newnumber.h Says:

    […] #include “oldnumber.h” // defined elsewhere […]

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