Web Vastu

Wohoo.. website should be designed according to proper vastu to avoid negative consequences. Some fker who doesnt fully understand website designing has written a book on it titled WebVastu. Slashdot picked it up and it was fun going through. It set me thinking how novel a concept he has come up with.. and how sick a concept it is. This also opens some doors for other novel ideas like vastu of the motherboard, ojhas for removing virus from system, coin moving for recovering lost data, etc smile. sick.

btw.. did some vastu change of IIIT::blogroll. Looks better now. Wanting to change the vastu of blog as well.. but not getting time.

Campus internet still sucks big time.. thank god i’m not there.. otherwise i would have murdered someone by now. dropped a comment at Turbo’s take on it.

Google Reader’s new look rocks. Coz of it i’m back in reading mode after a long break.
Firefox2.0 rocks too. Though some of my favorite extensions ( including Tabbrowser Extensions) aren’t yet ported to FF2, extensions like download statusbar, gmail this, mouse gestures, scrapbook, del.icio.us make FF just awesome. some tweaking also helped a bit.

Tarun and Vidit made my day(s actually) by gifting iWoz. It was probably the only book i can (and want to) read these days. I am sick of how to start a startup stuff. everyone talks about the business/marketing/money/bla/bla stuff and everyone sounds same to me. Woz is speaking my language. just started reading.

5 Responses to “Web Vastu”

  1. smr Says:

    forgot to add that FF2 has a cool spell check feature. great aid for me.

  2. ashwin Says:

    Damn. Now I think I know why my web page takes ages to load.
    Damn vastu. Mayb they should teach WebVastu on w3schools or something like that.

  3. Sunil Mohan Says:

    dude! you suck. he he he. FU goatse :D

  4. Simeen Says:

    thanks for the mouse gestures tip! It’s amazing!

  5. utkarsh Says:

    Web Vastu
    I can understand the idea behind such a read as Web Vastu .. must be terrible going through it :D ..
    btw .. change your blog vastu first and correct the blog links first .. almost every link is blogspot while people moved to wordpress long time back

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