Back at campus for a few days..
For completing my long pending BTech :D.

Feels so much like home coming! Hoping so spend a productive and fun filled time here.
Something at IIIT pushes me to blog, :) . And sadly my blogging has gone pathetic since I have been out. Anyways.. lots have happened.. and will be posting all slowly. Hoping to post few sweet short posts at regular intervals now.

PS : This also makes my not-so-late entry for IIIT Bloggers Day. Hence announcing - A new version of blogroll under development. Featuring - Login, Add/Edit blog, create blogroll, add blogs to blogroll. Suggestions invited.!

15 Responses to “Back”

  1. ORB Says:

    Raaaantaaaaaaaaa!!!! Yay!!!!!!!
    I wish I was in Insititute, mil leta be terese :D :D :D
    hav a good time man, pati must b really happy u r back

  2. Sultan of Samarkand Says:

    Welcome back.

    ORBie, where be thou?

  3. sanyam Says:

    Happy that you are back and back to bloggin. catch you soon :)

    @orb - sittin a mile away .. i can still hear pati singing “mera piya ghar aaya … o ramji ” :))

  4. Kunal Says:

    welcome back dude…

    chalo jald hi milte hain :)

  5. mythalez Says:

    oh cool .. so we can all have personalised blogrolls, in which we have only those entries we want? :D

  6. Kulbir Saini Says:

    welcome home :D

    @sanyam rofl … expect a blog reaction from pati :)

  7. Sai Ram Kunala Says:

    welcome back :)

  8. smr Says:

    @guys : thanks
    @mythalez : that then becomes a usual feed reader - why not google reader. It will be collaborative blogroll, a blogroll will have a onwer who manages the blogs but anyone can add his blog to that blogroll. There will be options to make blogroll private or approve/deny blogs - making it more like what you are talking.

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  10. Kulbir Saini Says:

    @smr make sure there is a parallel roll for feeds of all the blogs on the blogroll … i feel a need for the same but never found a solution …

  11. mythalez Says:

    yah yah .. thats wat i meant … publicly modifiable and shared, but complete access of each blogroll remains with that user-owner/moderator :D

  12. Maruti Borker Says:

    Cool features and welcome back !!! I was nearly thought that some lookalike of you came to IIIT :P

  13. Turbo Says:

    wow… welcome back!

  14. hellboy Says:

    Wooooooo .. so, its really u who came to the lab in the afternoon today :O .. was feeling sleepy then .. so, cudnt recognise ;) .. gud to c u back :D ..

  15. Atul Says:

    awesome .. !! Welcome Back …Sir [:)]

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