BAR camp hyderabad

the is password c4mp winking

i didnt pay much attention to BAR camp before and though about it as just another get conference. but coz of a few nears - and - dears writing about it recently i digged it and found that its not a conference, its un-conference. this link explains it very well. “Think of BarCamp as the open-source equivalent to a traditional conference, in which top-down planning is replaced with bottom-up self-organizational models.”

the name BAR camp troubled me for a while, until i read about FOO camp. that was disappointing coz i was thinking the name to in relation to some drinking business winking. btw FOO meant Friends Of O’Reilly.

and guess what. its coming to hyderabad… our campus.. yeah! IIIT. its going to be an unique oppertunity to get in touch with the tech/geek community of Hyderabad.

and more.. its on Web 2.0, RIA etc… the hottest things around one can think about. i feel so excited about it.

here is another effort to bring hyderabad based technology bloggers at one place. do add your blog to it if you write something technical on your blog.

dont miss it. BAR camp Hyderabad.

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