just another day of my life.

not how i had planned for it from long. with time the plans faded away.
i did disappoint a few school and college friends, whom i had orally invited on this date. sorry guys. next good date is not expected to come very soon.

4 Responses to “777”

  1. skp Says:


  2. Kunal Says:

    dude, will wait for that day! wishing it comes soon….

  3. Utkarsh Says:

    Damn ..
    And I was expecting a post saying ..
    Wish me .. I got married !! :(
    Nevermind .. There are always more good dates :)
    Should we expect something by 8/8/8 ?? :)

  4. smr Says:

    think of something like 2779, or maybe 11111.
    no plans at all yet, but not soon.

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