on an early morning drive.



Losing bets with a friend these days. coz India is not losing.
I have doubled the bet for today’s match.

I try to keep myself away from it. I don’t like to get attached with something like this. I don’t like to setup hopes on things in which I have no role. I don’t like to get hurt when hopes aren’t met.
I used to hope, pray, watch, cheer, frown. But then I asked, wth ?
Yes, I never played either. [stuff for new post]
But I do enjoy watching it sometimes. It does build up some excitement sometimes.

7 Responses to “80!”

  1. skp Says:

    First of All, India Won !!

    Second of All, I know why you
    “don’t like to setup hopes on things in which I have no role.”
    “I(You) don’t like the idea that I’m(you’re) not in control of my(youor) life.”

    chalo next post … jaldi jaldi…

  2. Kunal Says:

    I cannot envision you doing 80 on a bike. Damn you were one of the slowest walkers in college… :)

  3. pkj Says:

    skkr .. u bet against india .. u ass

  4. skp Says:

    @ Kunal : hahaha, I guess its 80 M/hour ( Meters ) :P

  5. sanyam Says:

    i wish you keep betting against india in any form of sports

    lose everytime :)

    my 32″ LCD had an awesome debut i can never forget. If this is a lucky charm i would buy one every world cup :p

    btw, dont fool people with title like this. you and a bike cannot go hand in hand :p

  6. Karan Says:

    I am happy you lost the bet :D

  7. smr Says:

    The Match. It was the costliest ticket I bought for any show. A pub. And the cable went off for the last over :( . So had to listen commentary from the friend I was going to lose against.

    @skp : exactly.
    @kunal : i don’t walk slow. do i ? // that i have do for a geeky walk.
    @sam: :)
    @pkj: yea. i do that sometimes. helps me to get less attached.
    @karan: just missed man. just missed!

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