Feberuary and March 1st week Log -
* Manjeet’s marriage + Bikaner trip. Awesome time.
- 4 hrs would be a conservative figure.
- Best movie discussion in long time. Recalled all movies.
* Cousin’s marriage at chd (Feb 28th).
- Good time with relatives and friends and upsy.
- Enjoyed the pahadi dance (nati).
* LMV; kindof. Bad experience. Its mental thing baby.
* 50 hrs best spent (this weekend)
* Parties continue. A best one with Nipun. minor B8. One in the bliss series, after a long time.

Stupid Tag Post (thanks to skp)
* Things I miss
- CyberGaming. CS, Quake and AOC. And card games.
- Friends. From home,school,drop,college. The fun we use to do. And all the pointless BC.
- Nightouts
- Emotions
* Things I want to achieve in a decade
- Key ideas for the most complex plot ever. A script for a movie.
- ATM h4ck1ng
- Fired
- Rich
- A Million user base. Through whatever.
- Significant wine deposits
- Saying : “Yea, tried that once. It was cool.”
- Not caring what I wanted decade from then.

Blogging makes you feel better. Hell! It does. But am such a mess; out of ideas and thoughts and feelings. I am fking dead. Things seems so trivial to blog about. Why ?

8 Responses to “feblog”

  1. utkarsh Says:

    “* Cousin’s marriage at chd (Feb 28th).”
    - Just out of curiosity .. which cousin is this ?? :P

  2. mythalez Says:

    i guess lmv is not light motor vehicle :P

  3. smr Says:

    @utkarsh : well.. u r close.. her full cousin.
    @mythalez: nops. A very personal thing, so dont try to guess.

  4. pkj Says:

    callvote fk skp and his stupid tag posts :P

  5. smr Says:

    @pkj : F1. But since I and Shiben have responded.. u too got to.

  6. skp Says:

    ROFL @ Utky

    _|_ @ PKJ

    _||_ @ Blogging

  7. sandeep Says:

    u r a b ;))

  8. Kulbir Saini Says:

    Knock knock!!! Where is this blogger ??

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