holi, hyd, sweep and love

Was in Hyderabad for Holi. [thanks to the contributers :) ]
Celebrated a grand holi at Kendriya Vihar [ Thanks to Sachin for his place ]
Fell short of thandai stock, so no flying high like last time.
Played loads of sweep. Sweep rocks :). Didnt play CS :(.
Shiben’s PSP rocks.
Couldnt meet many people.
Brandy does the job.


Love you guys. n miss u.

PS : page2feed n blogroll getting better.
PS : wp2.5! Finally I upgraded. wp upgrade reminds me to blog.

2 Responses to “holi, hyd, sweep and love”

  1. Kulbir Saini Says:

    good to hear from u after a long time :D

  2. pkj Says:

    > layed loads of sweep. Sweep rocks :)
    yay it does.

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