life @ 2005

a flashback ( in no particular order ) -
* mom gave green signal.
* got reliance postpaid. was able to talk a lot without sweat and tension.
* i became more casual in love. and it worries her a lot.
* visited Vizag, Mumbai, Bangalore.
* saw lots of movies. Black was the best release of the year.
* my blog rocked. rose to average 1000 hits a day. wrote 201 posts in the year.. but kinda gaveup towards the end. planning to be more regular.
* started earning from my blog. around $15 a month.
* experianced bliss.
* persued entrepreneurship more actively. TiE sessions, personal meetings, etc..
* started reading a lot. thanks to bloglines, and the bloggers.
* did no work toward my ms, though was much more serious this year about studies. spent time mostly on basic/general concepts.
* passed in economics.
* attended rms’s talk.
* said bbye and good luck to batchmates. (most of them are still around though)
* left playing computer games. atleast the addiction is gone now. ( but someone please save me from Nir and Shiben. they sit on either side and force me to spectate. )
* said bye to sysadminship and iiit politics (read mess).
* purchased
* became more cool and more existential.
* became bit social. i attended couple of marriages at home, and i was friendly with people.
* started wearing shoe. after a gap of almost 4 years when i was on sandals.
* Sensex fell short of my expectations of 10K.
* matured bit more.

overall 2k5 was a great year for me. and i lived it to fullest.

“Ik Pandat Ne Kaha Hai Ke Ab ka Saal Achhaa Hai
Dil Ke Khoosh Rakhne Ke Liye ’smr’ Ye Khayal Achha Hai”

weeks links -
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5 Responses to “life @ 2005”

  1. Rakesh Says:

    **passed in economics***

    ranta party :)

  2. pATI Says:

    he he, started wearing shoes, same with me … and a gud idea to have a post like that … more cool, more social…..yeah u got to … yesterday I visited my sister and jiju who were married on 15th dec last month and I c how the life goes…..kick the geek part out ASAP…:D and a nice image abt geeks on my blog….

  3. paresh Says:

    good recollection …
    it feels so weird that i have seen all this happening to you yet i could not have counted so many changes/events myself. You have a good memory. Keep it up in ‘06.

  4. Adi Says:

    Liked the last line .. ” pandat wali ” ..

  5. smr’s blog » life @ 2007 Says:

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