life @ 2006

keeping the trend..
here is a flashback of the year[1] ( in no particular order ) -

* sucked at blogging.
* got dblp link. paper accepted in icvgip.
* visited madurai. attended icvgip.
* got into objectivism. read Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged.
* started knowyoga. its rocking.
* co-founded a tech startup.
* less parties and movies and worked a lot.
* shifted to apartment.
* bought a bike. and learned to ride.
* got a kitchen. cooked regurarly.
* didnt finish ms. but did some good work.
* joined SIGCIG (as founding member). decent participation, but this is the limit.[2]
* my first flying experiance.
* became more cool, existential, objectivist, serious, and focused.
* spent long time together after long long time.
* and celebrated silver jublee.

PS : this post was supposed to be out on new year, but after few postponements scheduled it for bday, but missed that too. With one more entry to what was ready for new year. I really suck at blogging. Need to revive.
PS : posting on Feb 12th by pervious date.

[1] Jan 2006 - Feb 2007
[2] sad sad. most members are outgrowing.

3 Responses to “life @ 2006”

  1. Kunal Says:

    hmm .. this is a good way of keeping track of major events in life … will try it next year, if I remember :)

  2. skp Says:

    All this point towards one and only thing::

    U shud get married

    U are good for nothing but a well-behaving-husband

    have fun

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