my worst nightmare

is pc reboot.

those who aren’t familiar, try to imagine the pain of restoring 50 firefox tabs and 10 xterm* instances, and psychological reboot fear.

this is happening 10 times a day.
coz of frequent power cutoffs, much longer than my ups can take.
god! i hate gurgaon for poor electricity, and my society for limited backup.

* mrxvt actually

PS :
Showed Darbari some love. A little (pending) to Chandu too. Had a good time with them.
Met Sam. Fker is having strange(,nice) feelings. Lucky bastard! Best Wishes.
Miss CS. Plan for playing soon (Reliance Web World prolly); dingad+tanny vs chuza+cyborg.

9 Responses to “my worst nightmare”

  1. Utkarsh Says:

    I wish I could wish you luck .. but tanny in your team sounds like god is taking revenge on you for some fking thing you did to him.

    Wish we could have a nice game sometime .. IIIT was so much fun when it came to games :’(

  2. skp Says:

    @Malik Sir: All the best Malik Sir !!
    Dikha do ye Chuza kya Cheez hein ! :D

    @smr : So now we are blogging just like when we started doing it … blog abt all the crap we do whole day …. sounds like fun ….

    @Khare : >:) muhahahahha CZ ….. de_aztec …….. >:)

  3. smr Says:

    @khare: never mind. dingad will take care.
    @skp: yea.. back to the basics. not getting shared links from u from few days.

  4. Kunal Says:

    thanks for showing Abhinav “the love” .. hope he sent my message across for some extra love ;)

  5. sanyam Says:

    dingad dangad ki hat laga dega chuzaa .. :)

  6. sanyam Says:

    dingad dangad ki watt laga dega chuzaa .. :)

  7. Goku (raheja) Says:

    Abe kyun apna rape karwana chahta hain…. :o)

  8. Sreejith Says:

    how about a B’lore vs NCR? we (smoking_gun + xXx + slip) are ready …. get as many from NCR as u want to :D

  9. smr’s blog » tabs Says:

    […] Memory ? Yea, ff is screwed up big time about memory usage. It use to eatup upto 70% of my 1Gig. I never tolerated any app to eat up memory. But ff was exception. I always said ‘Get lost. Its for firefox. pkill’. Current version is though friendly with memory. Stays near 20% of 1.5G. But yeah, its never running for too long. […]

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