turned 26.

got some excitement in life, going stereotype n boring otherwise. (if you happen to read; yea, its coz of you.)

struggling hard to scale up the business.

craving for bliss.

want to get wasted like anything.

green apple twist rocks.

craving for some core extreme hacking.

looking forward for great fun at bikaner trip. Bothra!! i’m coming to kick ur sweet ass.

nothing much.

8 Responses to “wasted!”

  1. mythalez Says:

    hehe … can relate to ‘wasted’ :D

    and sorry for being finicky, but u meant ‘craving’ right :P

  2. smr Says:


    oh yea.. corrected.

  3. pkj Says:

    Didn’t understand the second line. How is it “because of us “?

    Btw, my backhand is at GOD mode in TT these days =:)

  4. smr Says:

    oh no.. thats for some_one_.
    TT.. wow! sweet!

  5. skp Says:

    I can help you with the following ones ::

    >> craving for bliss.

    >> want to get wasted like anything.

    Go Johnny Go !!

  6. Kunal Says:

    you are old! :P

  7. Rakesh Says:

    Dude! belated happy birthday… 26 nice .. write a blog about the silver year of of your life :D

  8. Kulbir Saini Says:

    Belated happy b’day :D

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