March 10th, 2008

Feberuary and March 1st week Log -
* Manjeet’s marriage + Bikaner trip. Awesome time.
- 4 hrs would be a conservative figure.
- Best movie discussion in long time. Recalled all movies.
* Cousin’s marriage at chd (Feb 28th).
- Good time with relatives and friends and upsy.
- Enjoyed the pahadi dance (nati).
* LMV; kindof. Bad experience. Its mental thing baby.
* 50 hrs best spent (this weekend)
* Parties continue. A best one with Nipun. minor B8. One in the bliss series, after a long time.

Stupid Tag Post (thanks to skp)
* Things I miss
- CyberGaming. CS, Quake and AOC. And card games.
- Friends. From home,school,drop,college. The fun we use to do. And all the pointless BC.
- Nightouts
- Emotions
* Things I want to achieve in a decade
- Key ideas for the most complex plot ever. A script for a movie.
- ATM h4ck1ng
- Fired
- Rich
- A Million user base. Through whatever.
- Significant wine deposits
- Saying : “Yea, tried that once. It was cool.”
- Not caring what I wanted decade from then.

Blogging makes you feel better. Hell! It does. But am such a mess; out of ideas and thoughts and feelings. I am fking dead. Things seems so trivial to blog about. Why ?


February 8th, 2008

turned 26.

got some excitement in life, going stereotype n boring otherwise. (if you happen to read; yea, its coz of you.)

struggling hard to scale up the business.

craving for bliss.

want to get wasted like anything.

green apple twist rocks.

craving for some core extreme hacking.

looking forward for great fun at bikaner trip. Bothra!! i’m coming to kick ur sweet ass.

nothing much.

life @ 2007

January 14th, 2008

A flashback of the year ( in no particular order ) -
* moved to gurgaon, left hyderabad
* startup did breakeven
* became iiit ms dropout
* internalized being cool and existential
* started driving motorbike, and learned driving car
* started flirting
* didn’t get laid
* started web hosting server
* became more fitness conscious, started working out a bit, regularly
* more work, more browsing and less parties
* all clear for US
* missed the 777 plan
* got involved in an road accident, and ran away
* did my first donation; to wikipedia
* bought camera phone, started capturing life in pics as well
* watched FRIENDS. Also South Park, 24, Heroes. No good unseen con/heist movies left.
* revived on blogging (moved to wp). july ‘06 - feb ‘07 : 8 months, 7 posts. march ‘07 - dec ‘07 : 10 months, 37 posts.

Earlier : life @ 2006 , life @ 2005


January 13th, 2008

Happy Lohri!

“bhirin”[bhee-rin] is a pahari thing we do on Lohri(Jan 13th). More specifically in Upper Shimla Area (Rohru etc) in Himachal.
The thing is, call someone, he answers it, and then say bhirin.
Example (How I win a bhirin on mom) -
Me : Mummiiii
Mom : Haan
Me : Bhirin

Its done early in the morning, and there is a competition on who does it first.
This is done on phone as well. Callee says hello, and caller says bhirin. It use to be more fun without caller id on phone. With caller id, the callee sometimes directly says bhirin.
Important rule - one has to take bath before he can do bhirin on others. So people take bath very early on this day.
On this day people greet each other with excitement and cheer, shouting bhirin. Very simple thing, but it rocks!

Within family its about catching up people on bed and doing bhirin on them, before they become conscious about it. I remember being woken up by mom/nanaji/mamaji etc at like 5am to do a bhirin on me. Then forced out of bed, to take bath, on a chilly morning. I rarely remember a Lohri at home without snow around. It used to be a fun filled day.

So today morning got calls from a few relatives, and called a few. Many didn’t accept my bhirin, guessing that I haven’t taken bath yet. true!
Searched net on bhirin and found nothing. Hence the post.

Hello reader,