long time no see

Pati and Ramneek reminded me that something is missing in my routine… blogging…

So whats up with me these days ?
* Reading “Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic” aka Osho. Must read for a Osho admirer[0]. Though it is not written by Osho himself, but it is compilted by Sarito Carol Neiman using Osho’s own words. Review after i finish it.
* Watched 3 movies. Reviews pending.
* Got loads of Jagjit Singh gazals. So now i have 710 gazals of him in my playlist. Its like a dream come true. In my inter, I use to dream of buying all of his collection after earning some money. I will definitely buy after I get some _extra_ money in my pocket, but for now picary zindabaad.[1]
* Got busy with some RAShip work. Last few days were really satisfactory in term of work progress and studies.
* Some SysAdmin work in new sem. Adminssions, courses, mailing lists, thin clients(pxes) etc.
* Long time no Romance. She is in village till Aug first week. No phone since 2 weeks. And one more week to go. If I dont talk to her for some time, then I start feeling something missing from my life. Crazily waiting to talk to her. I didnt write any letters to her. Sorry jaan. I love you. And miss you.
* While writing this post pc got screwed. network stopped working all of a sudden. guess some hardware problem. so now furstoo coz of that.
* Amal left to Trilogy. without completing his FYP. Will miss you Fammer. join me at gnuchess sometime. and stay online.
* Ragging time. I mean healthy interaction. Had nice time with a few of the freshers.
* My room was a great place to see these days. Ragging center. 4 guys sleeping. reminds me of bc we use to do in inter.[2]
* Want to post a comment on Pati’s blog. But dont know what to write exactly. I have already written something related in my previous posts[3], but dont know how much can my abstract thoughts make sense to anyone. Will try to put them more formally. Just two things[4] - “The world is not real” and “Live for Loved Ones”.
* Sensex @ 7500. wtf man. why did i miss the boom. things in dalal street still look like random to me, after being in touch for about a month.
* Google Home is good.
* Moved all my blogfeeds from thunderbird to bloglines. Its good after your number of subscribsions become very high. I think that there is still a lot of scope of improvement in its interface.

[0] words like follower are not appropriate. he cannot be followed. he doesnt ask you to. he doesnt has does and donts. he shows you no path. and thats exactly how i want things to be.
[1] so openly confessing piracy. i think i shouldnt. but then this blog cant be an official proof. afterall “this blog in not based on real events”. this statement works wonders.
[2] i didnt sleep in my bed for almost one full year of +1. I was like a banjara, sleeping on any empty bed around. Awesome time.
[3] Senti and Re: Is it worth it
[4] two contradicting things actually.

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  1. Rakesh Says:

    Good one ranta .. waise it seems the research thing is finally taking over you … no frequent posts anymore :) … no phone calls ;) … tu jinda kaise hai ab tak !!

  2. pAT| Says:

    &^%&$&*^%(*&^(*%&^$^% ^%
    Yeah the title is wat those charecters mean ….. dood first and foremost there is nuthing like _Living_ for Loved Ones becos the “CR4P_RUl3″ (this is above any Golden Rule or Platinums)says “U cant operate Logical operations on LoV3 say Mother’s Love > GF’s Love” …. wait …. lemme reply in order ….

    ** Osho — Havent given him a try

    ** Movies yeah me watched like 5 of them Reviews Pending

    ** Yeah Downloaded all the 710 from ur DC++ Account, he is the God of Pain n Pleasure.

    ** WOw RAship … no money for me this sem…. :((
    Nike’s new AIR Basketball have to wait for a long time I guess….neway got 9K for Summer though

    ** Ragging … havent interacted much (just once I guess) … they suck man … U shud be proud of ppl like US …. (I still remember Khare made me say all those DCH and Devdas Dialogues and then he made me praise Ramneek’s beard and damn it made me propose u :(( )

    ** The BUll Shit begins
    Wat the hell …. U always talk abt Villages …. damn it I live in a village …I m frustoo …. parents gave me a NO abt Charu .. :((
    After reading the 2 posts “Senti” and “Is it Worth” I C my self standing no where and I think this is all new …. I mean its intermediate …. I agree with u abt its not abt choosing one .. I mean u never go to that level(I hope so …. I mean as u said I will too choose the family when it comes to be a pick.) … ok I guess flooding the Comment….. do read this
    c ya

  3. pAT| Says:

    …..I guess U dont have a answer for complex forms of Love … or u r really busy … .well now I m gonna be busy till wednesday … DRDO ppl comin over for luking at the Project … c ya

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Long time no see

was busy with sysadmin work…
configuring sendmail to aviod anonymous sending of mails

got a problem with smrsh…. it can execute programs in /etc/smrsh/ but was not working. so the current JUGAD i did is replaced smrsh with sh in sendmail.cf. **feeling proud after editing sendmail.cf
there is a saying about sendmail.cf

if someone didnot try to edit sendmail.cf he is not a real system administrator.
and if someone tried that twice, he is insane. bigsmile

ups is home, so no phones.

yesterday guys went to Deewar, well luckily i could not go. Bad reviews.

today afternoon enjoyed cricket. cricket is good except for fielding and bowling. and very very bad for waiting for bating. and very very bad for geting out very soon after all this. sad

left the bat from hand while playing. GREAT. thank god no casualties. winking. i m usually very firm in handling the bat. i believe the stronger the grip, harder the shot. then how did it slip. was sweating a lot, still. anyway leave.

guys has shifted to ground floor. i got new company of manoj, kunal, ketan darling and khare.

**feeling good for no reasons. “absolute insanity”

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