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my view on Utkarsh khare :: Is it worth this …

I am not talking about choosing one of the two. The question does not arise. Even if they are against your love, choosing it does not mean kicking your family. There were many instances when we make choices against our family. We dont look at them so seriously. Then why we make the issue of choosing our love such a serious one. Why do we hype it to something like “choosing between the two”.
Its not that my parents dont mean like they do to you. For me too my parents mean more than my love. And I will definitely choose my parents if i ever need to choose between the two. But rightnow I dont agree that the question of “choosing” arises.
I would end it, with calling it just another psychological phenomenon. And I wont make a wrong choice (lets call it a psychologically driven choice) for something nothing more than psychological.

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  1. utkarsh Says:

    not convincing ..
    Did’nt get that post .. on one side you say that you don’t want to “hype” the decision of choosing your love life and on other you say that you would choose your parents over love life. See the problem is .. that the decision of choosing love life is already “hyped” .. because traditionally it’s the parents who do it .. but when we do it ourselves, it becomes a BIIG deal for them .. because I think they might feel like we are steeping into their territory .. so .. it really does’nt matter how good and great our love is .. it has already become an ego issue for our parents .. and so .. they would NEVER accept it with FREE will .. yeah .. they might accept it out of fear that the child ( us ) might do something incredibly stupid like eloping .. but out of free will .. forget it .. I don’t think that Love life and Family Love can co-exist and hence the question of “choosing between the two” arises .. which makes or breaks atleast one aspect of OUR life .. hence the HYPE.

  2. me Says:

    me too…
    “I don’t think that Love life and Family Love can co-exist”

    maybe be. maybe its true for 99% of the times. but then I would try to be among the 1%.

    “I don’t think that Love life and Family Love can co-exist”

    K if that what people say. But I will give it a try. My try.

    Wont there be love between you n your “arranged” wife. Doesn’t it hold true for that kind of love. Why does “my choosing of wife” make this big difference.

    I know. You are thinking, there is no use arguing with me. Its okey. Mein aisa hi hoon.

  3. utkarsh Says:

    no use .. he he
    I thought people would say that about me “No use arguing with me” .. but this is one thing I too want to talk about.
    Trying to be in the 1% .. well .. I don’t think that any of those 99% wanted to be in the 99% .. but thatz the way life is. As for efforts .. thatz all we can do ..
    As for Love between arranged wife and me .. answer it yourself ..will it be even close to what you have at present ?
    and hence the Argument continued :D

  4. pati Says:

    Wat the hell…..
    I came back from home yesterday and the whole trip had short sweet disastrous talks abt arranged marriage and with evert talk my heart beating faster for Chiku……wat the hell ….. u guys decide on smthing and I hope I will follow it blindly…..

    by the way hows Chennai … Meetu…. :))

  5. upsy Says:

    u suck sometime!!!

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