The Great Indian Mantra to get a Million Signups

The Great Indian Mantra to get a Million Signups in a website is : Free Gifts : Free iPod to ourmost popular yaars! : Search and Win Singapore Trip, Bike, iPod, shuffle, mp3 player, etc. : Win money in cash for blogging.. oops crapping : Check you ZapakMail Inbox and Win.
I sure am lucky not to know the rest of the likes.

Give gifts worth Rs 1K(average) to 1% of signups, and give 10000 such gifts. Get a milltion signups for Rs 10 Million and a bonus word of mouth spamming. That is all you need to push it to a self growing state, and for proudly announcing some big figure. Also, its way too cheaper than advertising on tv and print.

But, what happens after the scheme is over. Does the signup graph keep up after the free lunch. I wonder.
Oh boy, signups for free gifts don’t take the site anywhere, a killer idea do. Ok, no one needs a killer idea, only a not so sucking and original idea. Get a USP atleast. I guess I’m making it too complex, just throw some money and get going.

No one’s fault. Its just a great fit to the great Indian mentality. Show us discount/free-gift and we will go for it, even if its not that good a deal actually.

But why do I cry? I made good amount of money from these stupid offers. Long live the free gifts.

I’m going berserk seeing the number of websites appearing on travel and social networking. Count all of them to me and I will surely add atleast one more.

For you Khare; I didn’t, but this might help : hey people click here

Coming up next : Whats so wonder-ful about Taj (a rant).

4 Responses to “The Great Indian Mantra to get a Million Signups”

  1. Utkarsh Says:

    he he he .. thanks :)
    I guess everyone can take a lesson from the Bingo ad-campaign.
    They didnt have anything new as far as product was concerned, but they made some eye-catching ads. And that worked for them.
    They sold the product well .. targeted the right audience and made money. Now a days most shops have more Bingo packets than Lay’s Packets. ( I should know .. I survive on Chips ).
    Free Gifts and Offers are good for starts if you have something new to show to people .. if its something as redundant as a search Engine i dont think anyone is ever going to give up Google for guruji.
    PS -> when do we see your product in ads ?

  2. nipun Says:

    true enough…but i think the free-gift mentality has outlived its uses elsewhere, web is just a new media for this - but India is still a young country, i guess in time we’d all become jaded and cynical like elsewhere where free stuff is concerned … :)

  3. sandeep chandna Says:

    @ranta: I quiet agree with you on 2 things..IBibo after its initial round of cash gifts has probably seen less active users. I did make an account but after I found out that scripting is the only way to win a prize I left it ;). People still tried more and I think most would have shown their backs later. Dont know how its doing now though. And yes, free gifts are surely great to have. But have you yourself gone back to ibibo after getting your gift??

    @khare: Its tough to compare Bingo’s success (?) with ibibo, Yaari’s gifting strategies. Bingo was new and claimed to be different so advertising was important , and people always like change for their tongues . But ibibo, yaari are no (atleast not much) different from blogger, wordpress (orkut, etc) and other sites, and there is a cost thats involved in shifting to a new website for a user. Its not as easy as getting a grab from a shop. I feel Bingo did not do anything great. Their catchy ad would surely make people taste it once, but for long term success they ought to be good . I bought two packets but did not like both :)) .

  4. prateekgaurav Says:

    i am very happy that sites like you are giving such offers. the people who are not able to afford so much money to trip to singapure or for buying some another things. i hope that i may get some prizes. god may take your site too high.

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