Wah Taj!

Taj Mahal did make it to the New Seven Wonders of Wrold. How Great.

The selection was done by voting from all over the world. There were about 100 million votes cast. I also heard that 13.5% ie about 13 million of votes were from India. ( But some say that the votes from India are 3 crore. ) Interestingly, from Jordan 14 million votes were sent, while the population is only about 6 million. I am pretty much confused about the vote count, mainly because NOWC never cared to release any facts.

And here is my wild guess about voters of Taj Mahal
90% haven’t seen Taj Mahal.
99.99% haven’t seen other contenders which they voted against.

If people voted for Taj just because it is in India, then thats not a good enough reason for it to be in the New Wonders. I am sure this also applies to many other New Wonders, and thats why the New Wonders are not justified.

The problem with democracy is that, I am at par with Woz, and any douchbag is at par with me. This is what democracy is supposed to do, but i don’t understand why so.

I’ve been there twice, but haven’t seen anything like vista in it, i mean the wow effect. Its’ surely beautiful, but nothing wonderful. When I was 12 or so, I wanted to buy a beautiful table size replica of Taj, worth 22K then, from the money that i will win from the lottery ticket i had bought. I was too hopeful.

Its is a symbol of slavery, stupidity and inefficiency. How will you react if some prime minister announces that he is going to build a Taj Mahal for his wife. 20,000 workers for 20 years. 400K man years, or 146 million man days. Spend 1 billion man hours and what you get is a grave.

And yea, next time there will be reservation for this from India. And phones and laptops will be distributed to the supporters to help them participate. And i will be paying for it.

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6 Responses to “Wah Taj!”

  1. Manoj Says:

    interesting that you consider Taj being “a symbol of slavery, stupidity and inefficiency”

    Its not about how it was made ? but why :)

    Here’s an article which indicates that Shah Jahan was trying to create a replica of Heaven on Earth :P.

    you might call doing something like this stupid…but when you are the sole King of the largest empire on the planet, such thoughts are bound to come.

  2. Manoj Says:

    Here :)

  3. skp Says:

    >> Here’s an article which indicates that Shah Jahan was trying to create a >> replica of Heaven on Earth :P.

    I hope they don’t cut my thumbs off when I enter Heaven ( yeah I m going there babayy ) …. its fuck-dumb to hurt anyone to prove your love ….. he could have as well poked hot iron rods into eyes of Indians so that they can’t see Mumtaz….

    I never got this, believe me never, the guy loved someone, and what he does is recruits (outsources) some ppl to express the love …. I consider those road side Romeos more brave, at the least they themselves put an effort ….

    Neways, out of the picked ones some of them are worse ( considering the physical value, fuck sentiments ) …. TOI is running something like top 20 wonders of india, everyday 5 or something …. but then wat the heck….

    PS : abe harami 24 hee dekhna tha to yahi dekh leta, uske liye Rajdhani ke pass kyon chala gaya ….

  4. ORB Says:

    wateva the case may b,
    i just wanted the world (or atleast the website ppl) 2 get scared from the population of India so that they dont do any voting stupidity in the future.
    coz they’ll know that indians are going 2 hump every1 in the future :D

  5. smr Says:

    @manoj: i forgot to add cruelty. and why.. anything but for love. ‘replica of heaven’ is the authors recognition of the efforts, and not the actual reason.
    @skp: it would have lasted less than a day there. here it took about a week.
    @orb: yea.. in head counts, no one can leave India out.

  6. Piyush Says:

    Quite true…media made it a rage and every1 was acting as if Taj Mahal doesnt come in new 7 wonders it will lose its existence and importance..without even knowing who has organized this poll..

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