a beer can make me smile


Wanted to write on Ram thing. The news was interesting me. Only a short rant here.
C’mon folks. Face it. Its a story.
If you want to believe in the god concept, well, please do it in your personal space.
I never cry when you say god exists. I don’t have problems about your doing all your god things.
Then why do you cry when I say god doesn’t exist.

Best someone has put about atheism : “God made me an atheist. Who are you to question?”.
No. Really!
I had this idea and wanted to put in words, but it was already there in this nice sentence.

Some ass ruled that atheism is a religion. Fk u! It is not.


Wanted to participate in shaashtra ohc. But no time. They have put up really nice problems. If anyone is participating, I will love to discuss the problems. I might be of some help. Mail me.


Wordpress 2.3 ? Have customized the blog so much that it scares me to upgrade.
Following are the changes I did -
- theme, width increased
- can choose the category of the post to use in static url. Random url freaks me.
- categories list.
- a few plugins. Will they work ? Esp FAlbum, Page Links To, PHP Exec, Top Cat
The current version is good enough. I can stay forever with it. Is it worth an upgrade ?

PS : see ya next, if the blog is not demolished by some no-work-no-brain-no-thinking activists.

9 Responses to “beer”

  1. Kunal Says:

    that is the most misleading title I’ve ever read :)

  2. smr Says:

    well. that was the actual post.
    the rest is ps content which grew longer than expected.

  3. smr Says:

    and forgot to add about Airtel’s IIIT Plan (via paresh). Its fking cool!

  4. skp Says:

    wat the fk !!

    someone came here to read a drop or 2 abt beer and u give him God crap !!
    u owe me a beer !

    yeah Airtel plan :D gonna call u soon !!

  5. ORB Says:

    God exists!

  6. Sreejith Says:

    beers for the men
    de beers for the women

    :P :P

  7. nipun Says:

    what’s the bigger mistake ? man creating God or God creating man ?
    hey hey …

  8. smr Says:

    @skp: there was some.
    @orb : as in mr freeman ?
    @sreejith: :D
    @nipun: nice one.

  9. smr’s blog » Blog Archive » wallpaper Says:

    […] Finally upgraded wordpress to 2.3.1. It took only a while to restore my customizations. Is there any nice captcha plugin for wp ? Whats the follow comments on email plugin ? Does it have […]

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